Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

My mother used to sing a little song to me.

"Little Jackie Jack Frost bites my nose.
Little Jackie Jack Frost stings my toes
Little Jackie Jack Frost climbs the trees.
Little Jackie Jack Frost paints the leaves."

Well, hello Mr. Frost! The storm is blowing wicked and cold out there. I must say right off the top how thankful I am for the timing. I left my house Sunday night at 9:05 to drive to Salt lake International Airport. It usually take about 30minutes in good traffic. I was picking up Nick and Diana who were returning from a two week trip to Germany. (See Sarah's blog for her telling of her opportunity to meet up with them!) Dee asked my nephew Michael to ride up with me because he has to arise at 4;30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for swim team practice. As we backed out of the garage I saw that the driveway and street were completely covered in several inches of snow. The wind was howling and it was bitter cold! The storm was not expected until the next morning...oh well.

There is nothing I hate more than driving at night. I have astigmatism and there are halos around headlights. It is very bothersome! The only thing I might hate more is driving in snow at night!! The visibility on the highway was poor, the snow was covering the lane lines, and it was dark out there! My van has thermostat trouble and takes about ten minutes to warm up so I had no defroster. There were more than a few scary moments and many silent prayers uttered as we made our way around the Point of the Mountain into Salt Lake County. Thankfully the snow let up around 9000 South on I-15 and the 215 westbound loop to the airport was clear and dry. I was so grateful! We picked up the weary travelers and the trip home was smooth until we got to the point again. Slow and steady does it! I got to bed around 11:45 that night.

The next morning at 7:50 sharp I dropped Richard off at school and headed for the airport AGAIN. This time I had my mother in tow. She was heading back to Denver after a lovely two week visit with us. I couldn't believe I was on the same slick roads heading to the same slow freeway! It was so slow going I had lost any hope of getting her there at least 1 1/2 hours early. I'd be lucky to hit the hour mark. As we approached the South Town Mall area I got a break in traffic in the "Fast Lane" and was able to slip over two lanes to the carpool lane. Yee Haw!! So long all of you "one person in your vehicle suckers"!! I left Mom in the capable care of a kind Southwest Airlines Sky Cap and an employee with a wheel chair to spare her the long walk through security and to gate B-17!

If I had made either trip last night or this morning it would have been near impossible to get to the airport. The weather shifted from Utah County to the Salt Lake area. I am grateful for small blessings which reap great benefits for me and my anxiety!

Here are a few photos from the last few weeks to prove I really am alive! Not in front of the camera, but behind it!

This is the turkey roaster my mother gave me for a birthday gift! It was the source of our amazing "turkey of moist, melt-in-your-mouth-ness!"

People I love celebrated both Thanksgiving Day and my birthday all in one!

Doesn't that turkey look appetizing? I think this may have actually been a crime scene.
Grandma and Richard contemplate the wonders of pumpkin pie!

Rachel is very talented at falling up the stairs. She does it at least once a day!

The Mater of the House...I have seen that look before...!

We had to put Michael in jail for "Failure to procure a haircut for his Grandmother".

Sam got the chance to wear his nifty coat on a walk!

Three days later a foul illness hit me in the middle of the night. After two and a half days of nausea and bed rest I was happy to be out and among the living once again!

That, folks was Thanksgiving in the little house on the corner. Hope yours warm as warm and yummy as ours!


URFAVE5 said...

It looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving and birthday. I am so sorry that you had to travel in that cold and snowy weather. I can only imagine how cold it must be there. I have been pretty cold the last few days here and it's not near as cold here as it there!

We love you!

P.S. That picture of you with your sunglasses on, man you look SO SO young! Honestly, when I first looked at it I thought it was one of your girls.

Sarah said...

Hey Mom! I am sorry about all the yucky weather you had to drive- I sincerely hope that the weather is perfect when you pick me up Monday night. Speaking of which- let's talk soon! I love you!

Cougarnana said...

You are one brave woman, Marianne...I am terrified of driving in snowy, cold weather. Cute pictures of all the family. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas season.