Thursday, September 17, 2009


It was my Uncle Joe who shook my husband's hand in the Arizona Temple just after we had been married and said, "Let me shake the hand of the man that made a loose woman out of my niece!" Har, har, har. That was the first of multitudes of loose jokes I and my four lovely daughters have endured over the years. After putting up with it for awhile I asked Dee if he didn't want to become an Ellsworth instead. It was a "no go".

My daughters have embraced their surname and are proud to be Loose Women. Brittany is LooseBritt on Facebook, Sarah will be Dr. Loose in a few years (oh goodness...that rhymes with Dr. Seuss!) They have put up with being called Losee's (pronounced low-see). That is a huge name in Utah. The Losee family are wealthy jewelers. "No", they explain, "I am a LOOSE... two O's and one E. You know, like loose nuts and bolts or loose morals???

Some people actually don't get it!

I found a fun website the other day called You can create yourself in a very stylized cartoon. I had a lot of fun! The only thing I regretted was that they didn't provide enough facial options for my girls. Loose women have high cheekbones and a heart-shaped face for some. But other than that I think I did a fair job of re-creating:

The Loose Ladies.

The Lovely Dr. Sarah. Did you know she had bangs cut before she left for Italy? Check out her blog and see!

Miss her luscious lips! She inherited them from my Grandma Annie!

Lady Diana or Mrs. Mowes...Lovin' her big earrings and her shorter hair these days!

Resident Artist Rachel...always hating her photo being taken. This face was appropriate.

Lastly, the Momma Goose. I hated having to give myself the little double chin
but it made it look more realistic. Sigh.

Tell me what you think then go make yourself and show us!


URFAVE5 said...

Well I love you Loose Women. I have to tell you that when I first heard what your last name was I remember repeating it to Brian and actually saying, "you mean like loose morals?" I remember him saying, "Yes, and when you say it like that it really doesn't fit them at all!" Boy was he right there is nothing loose about the Loose women's morals.

I love your pictures of all you Loose women. I will have to check it out and see what I can come up with and find for myself and maybe for Brilynn.

We love you all!

Nancy Face said...

Loose Women, haha! :D

LOVE the cartoons you made! :)

Cheryl and William said...

Marianne- I am so happy that you commented on my blog so that I could find yours :-) I absolutely LOVE these super stylish cartoons that you created- and I think that they look EXACTLY like your daughters! Such a fun idea! I will definitely be following your blog now- and I'm happy you convinced Sarah to start one of her over in Italy. It has been so fun to learn about her adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love these cute pictures. I haven't checked out the web site yet but I will, such a fun idea. Also, I haven't been to Brittney's blog yet but I sure am enjoying Sarah's. How long will she be in Italy?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love the "Loose Women", we've always enjoyed being the "Little Women" too.