Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Gone to the Dogs

Hi Everyone! It's me, your humble reporter, Samwise Loose.
I am here to let you know that there has not been much going on around here.
My people are very down and lethargic. Mom and Richard spent the week sick. Richard had a bad cough. Mom called it Bronchitis...sounds like a crazy dinosaur to me! Mom had an ear infection AGAIN! She says the doctor wants her to get tubes put in her ears.
I feel bad about that because she always scratches my ears when I feel down.
Maybe I could scratch her ears, my claws are long enough for sure!

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering what I am doing under Mom's chair...let me just say, "Brittany! You are SO annoying sometimes!"
I used to dive under the furniture and hide a lot when I was a puppy.
She wanted to see if I would still fit.
Have you seen me dive under there in recent years???
She pushed me!!!

Mom had to rescue me. She says she understands growing bigger.
She can't fit into her jeans anymore!

So, you all know that one of my favorite people Rachel has gone away to a place called college.
I miss her so much I wrote a sad song and I sing it a lot.
You can hear me sing in the video below.
The other day Rachel's bestest friend in the whole world came by to visit us.
I went crazy!
I have to tell you I love Sarah better than anyone in the whole neighborhood!!
She used to hold me a lot when I was a puppy and I fell in love with her.
See my smile in that photo? Oh yeah!

Sarah brought my beagle friend Boone. Dude, your breath!

I think I like this end better!

So most of you know that I wish with all my heart to catch a Robin.
Well, these little birds are called finches and they are starting to annoy me.
They sit in our apple tree and tweet and sing all day but they NEVER land on the grass!
They sit in that tree and eat our apples instead!
If you click on the pictures you can see this little thief better.

Have you ever read "The Mouse and the Motorcycle"? It's a good book!
Britt likes to go to Sonic and get kid's meals so she can get the toys.
She brought this motorcycle home to me and I love to chase it!
If that mouse rode this one around...he wouldn't get away from me and my lightning feet!

Yesterday we had a big storm! There was booming and light flashing all around the house.
Mom actually left me alone! She had to go get Richard from school and I was afraid!
I hid in the laundry basket! It's a safe place and it smells like my family. I like it there.

Here are two videos that Mom took. One is the rain pouring down yesterday and the other one is of course the best! It is me and my sad song "Rachel, Come Home!"
What do you think...should I go for American Idol?

Maybe Mom will feel better soon and more will be happening around here.
Until then, this is Sam Loose, signing out!


Lauren said...

Get your daughter over here right now! I want Sterling to date her so she and I can be friends!

URFAVE5 said...

Oh I just love that Samwise! He is a wise dog. I'm sorry his family hasn't been feeling to well and that he misses Rachel. Poor guy! Also I need to talk to Brittany about pushing that dog under the couch like that. I guess she's never had the experience of trying to squeeze into jeans that don't fit her anymore! I have and it's not to pleasant of a feeling.

Well I hope everyone feels better soon! We love you and thanks for all your sweet comments on our blog!

Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

Sam looks like a very sweet and intelligent dog, thus the "wise" part of Samwise, I guess. I'm glad he's around to keep up with the blogging while the rest of the people in the house recover from their various "issues". Sorry to hear that some of you are under the weather, this is no time to be sick, BYU Football is in the air. We need your support!

Lauren said...

Enter with the scrapbooking stuff! I want to see!!

Nancy Face said...

You're so clever! Loved this post! :)