Friday, July 10, 2009

Toenails, Cookies, & Sisters!

Lest you think we made Toenail Cookies... I have been driving my daughters crazy with the camera this week. With Sarah visiting there are so many fun chances to snap photos that we cannot get any other time of the year. I have caught them doing all kinds of sisterly things and actually got a few without them giving me the "will you STOP taking my picture before I throw your camera out of the window" look!

For the Fourth of July Brittany decided to give everyone Glitter Toes. Her friends at work paid $20 at the Strawberry Days Festival to have their toes made sparkly. Brittany was not about to pay that much so she figured it our all by herself. She started with industrial strength Sally Hansen clear coat. Then she added very fine Martha Stewart Glitter, letting it set in the bottom coat. Using a soft facial brush she dusted off the excess, re-applying glitter where needed. She topped each toe off with a top coat and voila! Glitter Toes!!
Diana chose green, her favorite color! Not patriotic, but very Diana!

Britt went for the bright red...spectacular!!
This is Diana's Cutie-Pie little Sis-in-law Hanna from Colorado. She hung out with Diana, got red toes too, and made Jonas Brothers T-shirts to wear to the concert at Stadium of Fire!!!

Did I say Stadium of Fire??? Did I say Jonas Brothers??? YES! Was I there? NO! You'll have to check out their Facebook pages for exclusive photos and video. They were close enough to see the whites of the brothers eyes and according to Nick, Hanna deafened him with her screaming!

Now to the cookies!
Rachel & Sarah decided to make peanut butter cookies
one evening. It wasn't the cookies that thrilled me, it was seeing my oldest and youngest daughter together, grown young women, laughing and having such a good time together! I snapped pictures until I thought they might cast me out of the kingdom but here are a few...

This is the last photo I got away with...can you tell by the looks on their faces?!
They were very entertaining! They sang a beautiful rendition of the song "Sisters" from the movie White Christmas. Rachel is an alto, Sarah a soprano, The harmony was so nice so I asked them if they would do it again so I could record it. With the camera on it did not go as Mom wished...of course!


Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

so fun!

my sisters in law and i all got glitter toes around christmas time and it was lots of fun.

and i have to tell you how much i love your new blog header! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love all the toes...but don't they have polish with glitter already in it? Not near as much fun, I'm sure, but so much easier and I'm all about EASY! Your girls look so cute in their aprons and smiles. I love watching my girls interact with one another, I'm so happy they have each other and I'm happy your girls have each other too. I don't have any siblings which I loved as a child but now I long for a sister, fortunately I have a perfect best friend who is also an only child and we are like sisters, I'm so thankful for her. I love how sisters just "get" each other, they understand the inside family jokes and gestures. They can laugh at each other and not get offended and understand one another better than anyone else. Since I wasn't a part of anything like that, I have really enjoyed watching it in my own girls. As far as the picture taking is girls never tire of being in front of the camera, they would stand there forever if I asked them to but then, they also ENJOY speaking in church...I don't know where they came from!!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Looks so cute, glittery toes and all. And Cookies, too. Boy you guys were busy

Nancy Face said...

The glitter toes are just FABULOUS! I love annoying my family with the camera, too! Tee hee! :D

URFAVE5 said...

That looks like so so much fun! I'm so glad that your girls have each other and it also makes me so so happy to see your girls be best of friends. I so hope and pray that my children are best of friends when they are grown and older. I hope everyone knows how lucky they are to have each siblings. Having siblings was always something I longed for. I'm very thankful that I'm able to have them as an adult. I hope that no one takes their siblings for granite, trust me it is a privledge to have them!

Take Care,