Monday, June 8, 2009

Memory Mondays~Summer...Oh! I Remember You!

Please forgive me if this is not a family history memory today. I am still recovering from my old friend the sinus infection. The jury is still out on whether the Z-pac killed it or not. Energy is not my companion today and my brain can't remember much!

I finally ventured outside today and visited my lovely lady friends the roses. It is early summer in bloom out there and it made me happy so I am going to share a bit of my color with you. I could turn it into sort of a memory fact, I think I will!

I tend to plant my roses from my memories. My father ALWAYS had roses growing. He was very good at it. He taught me everything I know about getting them to grow and bloom. Here are a few of Grandpa George's favorites:


"Chrysler Imperial"

He always had Snapdragons too. My brother (guess which one!) had me convinced that the little guys would eat my fingers off if I got too close!

Here are a few more beauties I found outside wondering where in the world I have been! I love my perennials. They come back to me every year bigger and brighter!

This little cutie spent the morning just sitting on our patio. I suppose Mama Robin booted him out of the nest recently and he is trying to figure out the big bad world!Did I say "big, bad world"?
Mr. Samwise's biggest desire is to catch a Robin.
He tries, they are too swift!
He was not allowed outside this morning while the babies were visiting!


Medina Family Blog said...

I hope you get feeling better. All this rain make everything so lush, healthy & beautiful. I love your pictures!

URFAVE5 said...

I hope your feeling better. You poor thing! I also love all your flowers and the cute little birds. That picture of Samwise sitting there watching the bird is hysterical.

Hope you feel better. We love you!

Helen Ellsworth said...

t heart. George means "lover of the land". ( or soil or earth. I can't remember which) Any how I miss my "Farmer" Your flowers are beautiful. The roses are so familiar. The new crop of roses that bloomed after he passed away were so beautiful. Tom and Dorothy came from Gilbert and picked a huge bouquet and took them back to Mesa to put on his grave. I am so glad I have a picture of them. OK so much for the sad stuff. I hope you are feeling better . And thank you so much for the pictures of Michael. They are so special. How he loves his fried egg sandwiches.

Helen Ellsworth said...

I tried to spell check and found my message wouldn't go back to the beginning. So I sent it and find that the first part is not there. Why? I just said how this time of the year is hardest on me because Daddy got so excited about the water being turned on and being able to start watering everything. Getting the rose bushes pruned, and getting his tiller out and preparing the ground for his flowers and garden. He loved irrigating. He could stand forever watching the water run down the little irrigation systems he had created. Do you re4member them? I spent the day taking drinking water to him, knowing he wouldn't stop long enough to come in for some. I can't help but feel he has been given a garden in Heaven to care for.
My love to all Mom

Anonymous said...

Marianne, I hate to admit this but we knew last week that Michael probably had the job but I really couldn't say anything until they had told him, so Kaci just called and told me that it was a for sure!
I hope this will work out for him, at least it's something until he can find the just right thing. It's always easier to look for a job when you have a job!! I'm glad he's happy about it.

Gena said...

Don't you just love the nice things the rain and humidity are doing for our plants and lawns? Sadly it does it to the weeds also! I've been dreaming of fewer junipers so I can have roses and such. Those perennials I can live without! Charlie loves to chase our birdies too so they've all learned to come in the early morning. It's sweet and peaceful.

Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow all of your roses and flowers are beautiful, Love it.