Tuesday, April 21, 2009


...and it feels so good! Several months ago I committed a crime. It was a crime against myself and my leisure activity. I killed my sewing machine. Dead. I was sewing, which also involves ironing. The ironing board was set up perpendicular to the sewing table. My ironing board is a light-weight, cheap K-Mart find. It does the job, but it wobbles a bit on carpeted floors. As I was preparing my fabric that day I bumped the board, it wobbled, and my nice, new, heavy iron took a dive. This was nothing new to me...it happens every time I iron, but this time was different. I watched in horror as it swan-dived toward my sewing machine. I had visions of my nifty iron ending up in pieces, not the other way around! That Black and Decker literally sheared off the entire tension mechanism on my trusty old Kenmore sewing machine! The iron and all 12 pieces of the tension dial hit the floor as I stood there horrified. There went my latest project. I had just begun some pillow shams. They would have to wait...a long time as it turns out!

I love my sewing machine. It has been my friend since it was purchased in 1986 at Sears in Provo. My sister-in-law Colleen was getting married and I needed to make a flower girl dress for my six-year-old Sarah. This was the 80's so the dress involved puffed sleeves and a ruffle at the bottom that was 15 feet long before it was gathered! Sarah looked adorable and I began a long and happy companionship with my machine. It has sewn baby items, Easter dresses, Stretch & Sew t-shirts, and at least eight formal dresses that I can remember for my girls in their high school years. My plans as of late have turned to home decor and the loss of my old friend was painful. I left it with a heavy heart (but with hope!) at a little business on Main Street. The man said he'd call me with an estimate. I waited. I am known for my talent of patience. I finally called the man who would resurrect my friend. His phone was busy, busy, busy...every time I called! I drove to the little white building, a hospital of sorts, many times. He was always out, "...will return at whatever time", the notes would all say. Patience! He never called. I forgot for a few weeks.

Last week, during Spring Break, my sweetie asked me if I would like him to take me to the shop and see if the man was in. Yes please! As we parked in front of the store I noted with glee the Yes, We're Open sign in the front window. Score! I entered the front door with a tingling of bells sounding to alert the owner of my presence. As I stood and waited for him to come out from the back of his shop I spotted my Kenmore on a shelf with many other machines all lined up and waiting for their mommies to pick them up. My heart began to pound. I had visions of pillow shams, curtains, and slipcovers dancing in my head! The man entered with apologies if I had been trying to connect with him lately. His mother had passed away recently, he had closed shop to go be with her, and had traveled to the funeral. He had just returned. He was hurting and I listened. I empathized with him, sharing my own experience in losing my father and sister in recent years. He talked on. Dee came inside the shop to see what was taking so long. He hauled my sewing machine out to the car for me while I listened some more. After weeks of not being able to contact the man I was now unable to leave him. He needed a listening ear and I think I was put there in that place and time for that reason. As I climbed int o the car a few minutes later my heart warm warm and full. I had my friend back and I had been able to offer some comfort to a virtual stranger. Life is so interesting some days!

I put the old gal to work that very afternoon and by the end of the next day my pillow shams were finished! I am currently cutting out a darling apron for myself and will show you when it is finished. So I present to you my first project and my latest, in that order.

Sarah & Brittany in 1986, Apple Butter Farms, Provo.

My new white Euro Shams, made for $8.00!!


Anonymous said...

As you described your ironing board, I had to laugh...I have her twin sister living at my house, they must have been separated at birth. My iron has taken many a nose dive. I'm happy to hear about the Reunion, I'm sure it will ignite many photo-op moments in the future. The pillow shams look very art-deco and expensive! Just tell everyone you got them at Dear Lizzie's (is that the name of that cute store?)

Sarah said...

I didn't remember that my beautiful peach dress was the first thing you made with that machine, but I do remember that I LOVED that dress! I felt so pretty and princess-y and grown up in it. And it was only the first of many beautiful dresses you made for me with that machine- I can count at least four!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

I am so happy to hear your good news.

Speaking of ironing boards...you should hear Brian Reagan's comedy bit on that very subject...too funny!

You are quite the talented sewer! I love that peach dress!

Your euros are so crisp. I love them. They would look perfect in Lovey's nursery if Lovey ends up being a boy!

You look so beautiful in your new profile pic.

Oh, and I had to be sure to reassure you that you haven't been away from home as long as you think...those big trees were not on Harris St. The last sale we did was at a different location. I thought that might make you feel better:)

Helen Ellsworth said...

I tried this yesterday and it wouldn't accept my password. So I will try again and see what happens. First you paid such a sweet tribute to Sharon. It is so hard to think of her as being any where but here in her little corner of heaven in Bloomfield. And when I see pictures of her in years past it is even harder. I can't help the tears starting. She meant so much to me through the years that Daddy was so far away in other Lands during World War II. She was what made it bearable for me. She was such a happy little girl and everyone loved her. Thanks again so very very much. The shams look so neat on your bed. You did a good job. I am very proud of you for doing so much sewing. It is almost a lost art. Most don't want to bothetr any more. I know I really got a lot6 of joy making pretty dresses for my little girls. Remember the pretty white organdy and red Easter dresses I made for you and Sharon. If you have that picture of you and her post it for me. If you don't I will find mine and get Gena to put it on her blog.
Must go. Love you lots. Mom

Lori said...

I have a sewing machine, a Singer, but I think it says to itself everytime I pull it out, "Oh crap, what horrible thing is she going to attempt to make today?" Ha! I like to sew, I'm just not good at it. Lately I've been using my machine to sew greeting cards - ha! How sad is that? You are beyond talented and I'm glad you and your friend are together again.