Saturday, March 7, 2009

Springville Art Show ~ High School All State Awards

Rachel hates attention. Getting her to pose with her art was like pulling teeth! We had a nice afternoon at the Springville Museum of Art where she was awarded a Merit award and received an unexpected cash award as well! The talent of these young people is inspiring and I was amazed by the quality of their works.

It was fun to have Gena, Michael and Grandma with us. They are here to bring Michael to live with us while he finds a job and a place to live. He will attend U.V.U. in the fall.

Rachel was informed this week that another two of her pieces have made it into a show in Orem at the SCERA Community Center. We are so proud of how she has used and magnified her talents!

The Springville Museum of Art.

Rachel and her "Well Worn Shoes" piece.

This is the Award of Merit Winner, "Seeing is Subjective".

Rachel's explanation of this self portrait.

The Peanut Gallery
Britt and Diana in front,
Rachel, Grandma Helen, Michael, & Gena.
(Richard & I were next to Rachel)

Cookies for all!!


URFAVE5 said...

I am so proud of Rachel and her accomplishments! I wish that I could have been there too. What a very special award. I'm so glad to see her using her talents and being recognized for her hard work and talents.
We Love You All, JoLynn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rachel! What a fun day for everyone! Tell Gena and Grandma Helen HI for us! I hope you all have a wonderful visit.

Edwin & Tamara said...

What a wonderful day that looks like it was, congratulations again to you rachel, what a wonderful talent you have.:) Hello to grandma helen and Gena From
edwin and I ;)

Gena said...

It was way cool everybody... Rachel I'd still like an autographed copy of your "Well Worn Shoes." Color computer scan is just fine!