Monday, March 23, 2009

My Sunday Sicks...

Everyone was having a good time downstairs without me yesterday. I woke up and immediately knew that I would not make it to church. In fact, I only made it downstairs one time to get a bowl of Cheerios. Thank goodness I still felt like eating! I just ached all over and felt very light headed. I still feel that way but it is a bit better. I never do Sunday Six as a habit, but I am very thankful for these things that helped me get through yesterday.

1. Pain Medication! Wow. I took two pills and was out like a light! No pain, just sleep. That was good.

2. My dear husband. He kept checking in on me, bringing me water, & kissing my forehead. He even sent me a text message from church...gasp! see how I was doing. He made the most delicious chicken soup for dinner yesterday and brought me a little ice cream and some cake he had made. What a guy!

3. My children. Their Dad was at a meeting yesteday morning and I was in bed. They got up and got ready for church without a problem. My sweet Rachel and my dear Richard...I love you!

4. My warm house. The weather took a terrible turn yesterday from 74 degrees on Saturday to freezing and snow by afternoon Sunday. I lay in bed all snuggled under my thick comforter and listened to the wild wind shake my windows but I was warm and safe. I am so thankful for this blessing in a world where so many people are without even a soft bed to rest in.

5. My TV/DVDplayer. I got to watch "Music and the Spoken Word" and fel a little bit like I was at church yesterday. Then I was more worldly and watched a movie...a love story...sigh.

6. My family. After Sunday dinner I layed there and listened to them playing together. I don't know what they were playing but I heard cards shuffling, laughter, and a few people gloating as they won whatever it was! We have Michael with us and Nick and Diana were here so it was a full house. They sounded so happy and I am grateful there is love in this house.

Here's to a healthier week! I planned to strip the old wall paper border from the bathroom and paint this week. I may not get to it as soon as I thought. I think I need to go lie down! Love to you all!


Gena said...

I hope you feel better quickly! I also wish I were there to paint with you, I love it so! I love you dearly!

Anonymous said...

I know why you're sick, was that HUGE window job you did last week, it just plum-tuckered you out!! I'm sorry you're not they say, "it's going around". I had some awful thing a couple of weeks ago and this past week Jim was at the doctor getting a Z-pack, they are the greatest! Well I hope today is better and tomorrow, even better. I really did enjoy your Sunday Six, it's fun to read about what's important to others, helps me remember to be thankful for those things too.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I am so sorry that you have been sick! There is nothing worse. I am glad that Dee took good care of you and that you got all your cleaning done BEFORE you got sick. Hope you are feeling is to a healthier week!!

URFAVE5 said...

I'm so sorry that your not feeling well! I'm totally with Nancy on why your sick, why I felt sick just looking at that huge window to clean! I sure hope you feel better quickly! Take Care!
Love ya, JoLynn

Helen Ellsworth said...

Dear Marianne: I feel a little neglectful. I just called you today and you never mentioned your sickness. Of course had I read your blog I would have known. For some reason I haven't kept up with them like I should. Maybe it is because I have been so involved with my Family History and have gotten so involved with the Leavitt line. I bought three paper back books at the reunion I went to two years ago and just got around to reading them. I feel like I have a priceless treasure. Too long to talk about here but I would love for you to see them and read about all the Leavitts starting with the very first one to set foot in the new world. It is fascinating. Dixie Leavitt and his wife from Cedar City put them together. Man what a lot of research and travel they did. I am just overwhelmed. I will look into seeing if I can get a set for each of my children. Love you so much and hope you are feeling much better.
Apostle David Haight's great Grandmother and my
great Grandfather , Jeremiah Leavitt were brother and sister. How about that? Also former Utah Governor Leavitt and I both descend from Jeremiah Leavitt.

Abbie said...

First, I'm so sorry you were sick. Yuck! Second, I'm glad you're feeling better! Third, I loved the play on words in your title. :)

Edwin & Tamara said...

My goodness I have not been checking blogs like I should have, sorry you are not feeling good, I'm sure now that it is thursday you are feeling a little better, I hope, take care and get lots of rest.