Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to My First Baby!

Age 1

Age 3

July 2002~Sarah's Endowment day
With her sisters, Nov. 2007
August 2007 Master's degree

It was the day my life changed forever...Saturday, March 29, 1980. At 2:10 pm on that day a sweet 8 lb. 3 0z. little baby girl was born in Mesa, AZ. She made two young people, Dee & Marianne, parents for the first time! (exactly 9 months and two weeks after their wedding day!) Sarah Marianne Loose has been a joy since day one. She has always been obedient and wanted to do what is right. She has always been an excellent student, working very hard at it to this day! She has been a loving big sister to her three younger sisters and her little brother and they all look to her for advice and fun! She served faithfully in the New York Utica Mission and always does her best in all of her callings. She has both a Bachelor's and Master's degree from BYU and is now living in Toronto, Ontario working on her PhD in History. She has traveled to Europe and will live there again this fall in Sienna, Italy to further her research for her dissertation. We miss her terribly and wish we were there to hug and kiss her and wish her a Happy Birthday but a web-cam will have to do!

We thought we would share a few smiles with you and tell you what makes us laugh when we think of Sarah...
Mom~Smiles about how Sarah is afraid to play "Don't Wake Daddy" because the daddy scares her when he pops up!

Dad~Laughs when he thinks about how she watched Sesame Street as a one year old and would ask us for Agua when she was thirsty.

Nick~ says she has a remarkable capability to drink more water than anyone in the family and can find the bathroom before every meal and make us all wait!

Diana ~ Says Sarah is always the one to step in water that has been spilled and get her socks all wet!
Brittany~Everything. Because she was born first and I was born second so there had been a test run and I came out better looking. Hee he he he he HA!! (Sarah is beautiful and doesn't believe it- it doesn't make me laugh, it makes me REALLY ANNOYED and angrified at stupid Scotsmen and dudes from Minnesota).

Michael~He loves her calming presence (not funny, but a nice attribute)!

Rachel~(Rach is checking in through text messaging. She is on a bus coming home from orchestra tour and Disneyland!!) Rachel loves how Sarah always has a funny new You Tube video to show us! (Think...The I-Rack!)

Richard~Laughs about the way she head butts him when she hugs him!


Anonymous said...

This is such a cute post, Marianne. I'm glad I got to know Sarah a little better. She sounds like a wonderful, outstanding and accomplished young woman, I know you must be very proud of her (as you should be). Ahhh...Italy...what a great place to spend the summer!! Lucky girl!
Happy Birthday to Sarah!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. All the pictures are darling BUT the 3 year old one is soooo cute...THAT HAIR!!!

Edwin & Tamara said...


Anonymous said...

OK Marianne, I TRIED to have a family history lesson with Brent last frustrating! I honestly attempted to teach him about Jacob Hamblin and their relation...there was a game on...need I say more?? Anyway, I asked him your question about the This Is The Place monument...he didn't know the answer. So now I'm dying to know...who is it?

Gena said...

There will never be anyone like Sarah Marianne ("Chocolate... gasp... milk!"). Love her DEARLY, miss her TERRIBLY (although never as much as her mommy and daddy do) and I'm so glad you had her. I'm with Nancy, I love her 3 year old picture but I guess I'm a little prejudiced since I took her to the photographer that day.

URFAVE5 said...

This is a beautiful post. I too love Sarah. I wish that we got to see her and enjoy her more often. I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in her life. She is one beautiful amazing woman! I am very thankful that Brilynn has a wonderful cousin and example to look up to and I'm glad that I can tell my boys "this is the kind of girl you want to marry someday."

Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Happy Birthday to my "Sweet, not so little any more, Granddaughter". The thing that makes me smile about Sarah, among many, is how she sat on the couch and read the entire book, "Where the Wild Things are" to me without missing a word and turning each page at just the right place. And making all the appropriate gestures and sounds. It was in January and she didn't turn two until March. What was just as amazing was that she wasn't really reading it, she had memorized the whole thing. Right then I knew we had a genius on our hands. Sarah, you have been a joy to me your entire life and I love you more than you will ever know. Thanks Marianne, for a specfial blog. I loved it. Mom

Alice Teresa said...

Dear Brittany: Sarah's roommates agree. Grr!

(Hi! I was sent here for the Samwise pictures.)