Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window! Those are good words to remember in times like these. Last week started out rough for Brittany. She had been blessed with the chance to intern for Radio Disney in Salt Lake. It was her dream! She was going to get to work in promotions, events, & P.R. This is the direction she has taken lately, no longer desiring to be on the broadcast end of the business. She received an Email telling her that this was no longer going to be possible because Disney had implemented a worldwide hiring freeze. The ladies she was to work with were so sad and promised to do everything they could to help her find a new internship. Within one day she had one! She is now with the TV show Good Things Utah on ABC4 in Salt Lake. It's not a paid internship like Disney would have been, but she gets to see things from the production end of the show and learn from a woman who has been in music promotion for years. This is where Britt's interests really are. I think it is an amazing blessing for her. We went from being devastated to elated in 24 hours!

Dee and I came home from St. George and were both sick by the next day. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours and we are up and going again. I can't wait for our date tonight! I love being with that man! You know...hand holding, cream...all those things you don't want your kids to see you doing because they'll either say, "Eewww!" or they'll want to eat your dessert!

Richard is working very hard in school. It is hard for him with the challenges he has to keep up with his work and if I don't stay on top of it he can get very behind. I am proud of how he has worked this week without complaining and those missing assignments are nearly complete! He also had a great recital with his viola teacher and her other students. They get together once a month for "Master Class" and play for each other. This was his first time and he was nervous. Diane showed me the tape of his performance and it was flawless! I was so amazed and happy that he had that success.

You all read of Rachel's adventure in the State Capitol on Tuesday. Tomorrow we drive 1 1/2 hours south to Ephraim, Utah, cello in tow. She is auditioning for a place in one of the Snow College's orchestral groups. This could mean scholarship money too! Wish her luck and say a prayer for her. I've been listening to her practice the past few days (note: it is impossible to be in our little house and NOT hear a cello being played upstairs!) and she sounds amazing, confident and ready. She always gets stage fright though, just like her Mom! Remember her tomorrow at 3:30 MDT! I'll let you know how it all comes out.


URFAVE5 said...

Well it sounds like a roller coaster of emotions this week. Much like ours!
I'm so happy for everyone and that everyone is doing well. Glad you and Dee are feeling better too! I will be praying for Rachel tomorrow! Good luck to her. I know she'll do awesome!

Love You All, JoLynn

Helen Ellsworth said...

So glad things turned out well for Brittany. Will she make appearance's on the show? Can't wait to see her if she does. I'll be thinking of Rachel tomorow and was happy to hear of her visit to the Capitol yesterday or was it the day before" I am so happy Richard is doing well. He is such a special young man. Not many like him. Keep up the good work, Richard. Grandma loves you.

Anonymous said...

What a house full of fun! I love to read about all the excitement going on in your life and about everyone excelling in their various endeavors! Congratulations to ALL! I said a little prayer for Rachel today at 3:30 p.m., I hope it helped. P.S. I love GTU!