Saturday, February 28, 2009

Audition Update

Ephraim was sunny and fairly warm today. I have not been there in about 27 years! If you like small towns with lots of old pioneer & Victorian houses and farms four blocks from the center of town then Ephraim, Utah is for you! Rachel loved it...strangely enough! She cannot wait for college to start in the fall!

The audition hall was bustling with kids and nervous parents. There were auditions for all of the performing arts going on. We arrived about 30 minutes early which gave Rachel plenty of time to warm up. We were not invited back to the room which was best for all of us I think! Rachel usually gets pretty nervous so I prayed and prayed the whole time she was back there. When she came out she had a smile on her face and for the first time ever after a performance she was actually not negative!! She said it went very well and that she felt very good about it. The head of the Orchestral Music Department was the one who heard her play and he was very complimentary. He said she had quite a natural talent and a very good ear for tone.

So...we feel very happy for the way things went and we will know about scholarship money in about a month. In the meantime we are also waiting on word about Art money to come. The Springville Art Show Awards are next Saturday. Mom, Gena, and Michael, we hope you plan to come with us while you are here! Thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes. We love you all!


Edwin & Tamara said...

That is such wonderful news, I love the picture also,
We sure miss all of you
Love Edwin and Tamra


Gena said...

Well, I plan on going with you! I'm excited to see you! I was able to completely reschedule the YW's fund raiser, I found out I was in charge of, and I'm going to actually get away! I've noticed all my sentences have exclamation points but I don't care! Aren't meds wonderful?!

URFAVE5 said...

I'm so proud of her! I'm so glad that things went well! Good for her! I sure wish I could come along with all of you next week. I will be thinking of you guys.
Love ya, JoLynn

Abbie said...

Congrats Rachel!!! I hope you win it :)

Anonymous said...

My very best wishes to Rachel (and her parents). This is such an exciting time of life, times that will shape the many memories to be made. I hope the outcome of all of Rachel's hard work and dedication is just exactly what she has been dreaming about.