Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sam's New Trick!

This one's especially for Sarah who misses her little doggie! We've taught him lots of tricks but he just could not get "Sit Up". He loves to "Sit" but we couldn't get him up on his haunches to save us. Finally Brittany taught him to give us a "Sit/High Five"...voila! He's too smart for his own good...or us for that matter!



Sarah said...

Thanks Mom! I do miss our little doggie!

Edwin & Tamara said...

That is so cute
smart little dog

Gena said...

Of course Sam is going to learn to do new and amazing things. Just look at the gorgeous dog trainer he has! How many men could resist learning from such a hot babe?

cougarnana said...

Happy Birthday Marianne! We share a special day...November 25th. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and have many, many more!