Monday, October 6, 2008

It Happens Twice a Year

The first weekend in April and then again in October we members of the LDS faith experience a curious phenomenon. Life slows down to a near halt as we settle in beginning on Saturday morning to be uplifted and inspired by our leaders. I made a concerted effort this year to really lay life aside on Saturday and make myself sit still and listen. It's hard for a Mom to let life just slide by on a Saturday morning while there is laundry and shopping to do. I tried to get all of that done on Friday and I was successful! I settled into my big comfy chair to be uplifted and was immediately put to use. (Funny how that works!) I remember when I had very small children. Every time I would sit still I had one of them in my lap! It is no different now only it is a very small and very intense Jack Russell Terrier who needs my attention! He seized upon the rarity of me sitting still and enlisted my aid in helping him chew his BIG BONE! He got it for Christmas nearly a year ago and much to his chagrin has not been able to make much more that a dent in it(unlike smaller bones which are chewed to pieces in a matter of days). It is so large he needs help to hold it so here is how I contributed to his obsession while Prophets and Apostles spoke to me.

I did manage to fit one little project into the morning after Sam grew weary of the rawhide. I attached some pretty buttons to some storage boxes I bought at Ross. They were covered with ugly tulip paper so I made them my own with some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. They have been put to good use in my bedroom but have been waiting for their little knobs. Lest you think I crafted my way through conference I took great notes and I have the book to prove it!

Sunday brought the attention of the entire family. Each has their own way of staying awake through the afternoon sessions. Gone are the days of putting on our Sunday best and driving to the Tacoma Stake Center to view General Conference. In the comfort of our own homes we fight the sandman in mighty battles. Dee has decided the best place for him is the dining room table. If he even gets near upholstery he starts to nod off!
I was proud of my girls this time. They managed to stay awake until the very last minute. As the closing prayer was started Britt & Diana settled into their pillows and listened. I couldn't resist snapping a shot at the amen. (Diana caught me!) Then Britt was off to dreamland.
I don't know about where you were but we had a strange thing happened in Utah Valley. It started raining on Friday night and did not stop until Sunday afternoon. I felt like we were back in Washington and it was a beautiful blessing to have the earth soaked with that beautiful rain!
The mountains had a great treat for us when the clouds finally cleared.
I am thankful for this beautiful world and the blessings of the gospel. Did you know that every talk this weekend was just for me? Amazing!


Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne, Your weekend sounded just like mine. I too find it hard to stay awake while I am trying to listen to Conference. I will have to find some way to do that for April. I was wide awake for the Brothers from Peru and Brazil. They sounded so sincere and humble. Your little blog about the weekend was so interesting.

My heart takes a quick leap every time I see President Monson. I have only seen him four times and that was when Our Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley died and at April Conference and then this past weekend. But is it just me or does he look like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders? It has definitely affecfted him. I pray for him to have the health and strength to carry the burden that has come to him. It was a wonderful weekend.
Love Mom

Bryan and Lyndsey said...

I love your post and the pictures. That picture of Britany is perfect. She looks like Sleeping Beauty. Oh wait she is the Pumpkin Princess, wrong one then. The weather there looked perfect and I totally loved conference!

Gena said...

So the talks were totally for you? I thought they were for me. I need to go in three directions right now... love you!

Anonymous said...

Conference weekend is always so beautiful, no matter what the weather is doing. Your picture of the snow-capped mountains captured it perfectly. I love this time of year. I, too, loved Conference. We didn't get to listen to all of it (we had the Marathon) but I will get caught up when the Ensign comes out. It's fun to see how others enjoyed the weekend, it looks like you all had a great time.

URFAVE5 said...

I love conference weekend also! I love that at our house the pace this weekend slowed a bit and we too were able to watch all but the Saturday afternoon session. Conference is wonderful. However, I thought all those talks were just for me? HMMMM.... I'm glad we can all use them:)
Lots of Love, JoLynn

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

The one thing I hate about my job is that I miss ALL of Conference in October! i am so lucky that this year I have a husband who has TEVO and I can watch it after the fact...except my husband left town and I don't know how to turn it on...BLAST!