Friday, October 3, 2008

In the News!

The Provo Daily Herald ran an article today and mentioned our dear and very own Pumpkin Princess! She got a nice one line compliment! If you would like to see the article and a photo of this year's David Archuleta corn maze go to & type Cornbelly's in the search box. I would leave you a link but I don't know how! Anyone care to teach me?

We are proud of our little Princess. I din't know a royal lady had to work so hard! She gives lots of loves and smiles and comes home with carmeled apple stuck to her slippers!


URFAVE5 said...

Way to go! Thats awesome. I'm going to go there right away and check it out. I'm sure proud of her!
P.S. I have no idea how to do that link thing either. Let me know if you find out!

Gena said...

Can Britt introduce me to The Great Pumpkin?

Papa Dick said...

Well, always knew that Britt had it in her. Who could do it better. As for my camera, give me a break, still learning how to use it. Besides I left it on the boat most of time. Tacoma has to be better than Seattle, it was the worst experience to visit. The Hilton was horrible, the lobby was on the second floor, our room was only 11 x 11 with the electrical outlet in the bathroom behind the mirror. Had to prop the mirror out with the six dollar bottles of water. The staff were a bunch of snobs. Oh well, brother Marriott will get all of my business from now on. Once again, all hail to PumpkinHead, the Orange Veggie.