Friday, July 25, 2008

TaG~Brittany is IT!

As per Aunt Gena & Kami's requests here are Brittany's answers to the dreaded "Tag" game!

3 Joys~My Puppy

Indie Rock-n-Roll


3 Fears~Not being able to have kids

MASCOTS (As Britt's Mom I testify that Chucky Cheese and Cosmo send her into



3 Obesessions/Collections~

The Beatles

Finding Hot new bands

Compiling all of my concert tickets & favorite song lyrics into a scrapbook.

3 Random Facts~ If I could I would live at Disneyland.

I like freezing my popcorn and then eating it.

My name (thanks to Aunt Gena's observation) if listed in the phone book

would be... Loose, BM...aka diarreah!

1 comment:

Gena said...

Britt, the "Loose, BM" observation was made before I knew you personally. You were only 24 hours old when we met. You and I are definitely not the loose-b-m's of the family (yes, inside (ha!) joke!). I love you dearly, Burrdeet!