Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rachel's it now...

Aunt Gena tagged me, so I guess I get to do this.

Three Joys
1-Fish of any shape, form, or size. I love them all! (not to eat, but to look at.)
2-My dog!
3-Going to rock concerts.

Three Fears
2-Cats. I can't stand 'em, they give me the creeps.

Three Obsessions/Collections
1-Action figures! YEAH! Right now I've got some Star Wars, Iron Man, Transformers and Lord of the Rings....Star Wars and Batman are on my buy list. (I'm a nerrrd!!!)
2-Comic Books. I don't have very many, but hand me a classic Batman or Iron Man, and I'll be entertained for HOURS.
3-Anything to do with Disney. Disney movies, DisneyLand, Walt it and I will most likely love it.

Three Random Facts
1-I broke my arm three days before my 10th birthday.
2-I cried when I saw Star Wars III, and Return of the King. (Among many, many, MANY other movies.)
3-I have this random desire to get into one of those shark cage things and have people throw chum in around the cage to attract sharks so I can get some good pictures with an underwater camera.

And that's it...I guess. :)


URFAVE5 said...

Brilynn and I always sit down together to read everyones blogs. We love reading them together and seeing what everyone is doing. We loved reading the about people when they got tagged. I loved everyones comments and it did help to get to know everyone better. I will have to thank Kami again for that.
You have an amazing family. They are all so much fun. I sure love you guys and miss you all very much!
Love Ya-JoLynn

Gena said...

Rachie, thank you for answering the tag... Michael says that the shark tank at some Las Vegas casino is way cool. There's a water slide that goes right throught the sharks! I can't wait to see you in a few days!

Kiss, kiss, hug, hug!