Monday, July 28, 2008

Loading up & Heading Out!


Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow is that all his luggage?

Yep your a mom alright makeing sure they have more then enough. I did they same thing when anya and amanda went to camp for the first time.

Marianne said...

No! That's his and one other boy's. I wanted to put all of his clothes in his swim bag (Duffle bag) but Dee insisted that scouts do not take extra luggage. He packed all of Richard's clothes in his hiking backpack along with all of his supplies. You could not have stuffed one more thing into that bag!

URFAVE5 said...

Oh how very familiar that all sounded and looked. Bless your heart! I feel your pain and worry. I was so worried about Blake. Was he o.k., was he warm, was he getting along o.k. with the other boys, etc.? I think it must be a Mom thing. Funny thing, I also had a similiar conversation with Brian over packing Blake. That must be a guy thing or something hmmm, intereseting. The whole time Blake was away I kept thinking man I'm glad he's got 6 years until his mission maybe by then I will have grown up and this won't be so hard on me. Then when he got home and I said well how did you do? He said, "well it went pretty good except for one thing, I'm glad my mission is 6 years away, maybe by then being away won't be so hard."
So I think this is just growing pains for all of us. I will keep you and Richard in my prayers. But try not to worry he will do great!!!
Love ya, JoLynn