Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Boys

Today is the long awaited day when two rotten fence posts were replaced in our backyard. One was leaning into our yard and the other was leaning into the Davis' backyard. Whenever the wind blew we would cross our fingers and hope that the swaying fence would hold up through just one more storm! It was nice to see Richard so anxious to help his Dad and Brother Davis. He enjoys helping and loves to work with tools. Every time I would go out to check on their progress he would show me what they had accomplished. He informed me that the "Dopes" who put the fence in didn't do it right the first time and that's what caused the problem! (Yes, he picks up on whatever his father says.) At any rate, it was fun to watch them work together. Being the scrapbooker that I am, I took a few pictures too.

I was sent earlier in the morning to get 42 6' fence boards, a 6 8' 2x4's, and 4 50lb. bags of Quickset concrete. My Chrysler Town & Country would have done nicely for the job but it is out of commission right now with bad brakes in the rear. When I pulled up to the loading bay at Home Depot in Dee's Hyundai Elantra sedan the man who was helping me tried not to laugh. But I have to hand it to him...with the rear seats folded down and the front seats scooted up, he fit the whole load in and even got the trunk to shut! I just had to fit 5'8" me into the driver's seat with my knees up by the steering column. The load fit, I didn't!

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