Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wedneday ~February 27, 2008 Once There Was a Snowlady...

A few weeks ago, after a big snow, the girls made an snowman. I was feeling kind of sad that my kids were getting older and didn't seem interested in making snowmen anymore so I suggested they make one. It seemed a shame to not use this great fluffy snow! Well, as things do, the snowman evolved into a snow lady named "Sally Jo". I told the girls they should make her tropical to take our minds off of the long winter we were enduring. I was picturing a straw hat and a few Hawaiian leis around her neck...not with Brittany in charge! Sally Jo evolved into a busty, blonde, beach babe! Dee was horrified and demanded the removal of the bra top so she would be more modest in appearance. The girls pointed out that she would just be topless! So a compromise was struck. I suggested a Hawaiian shirt and that pacified Dad. The shirt however, only covered up her back so she was still bare to the neighborhood. Oh! What would the neighbors think? Bishop Loose has an indecent snow lady in his front yard! Gossip, gossip, gossip!
Since Sally Jo stood in the yard we have had many people stop by to tell us how she made them smile on a gloomy day. Several of these neighbors were former Young Women leaders and one is the current Stake YW President. She LOVED our snow lady! So much for snow stuffed bikini tops shaming the household! Poor Dee.

The temperatures have soared into the 50's this week. Alas, all that is left of our Sally Jo is a little mound of melting snow and her face scatterd on the ground. I took a photo
so we could honor her remains.

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Papa Dick said...

Well little sister just how have you been. From your blog you are busy, happy ,sad and full of life. Your family all look so good as they are growing up and maturing into fine young ladies and men. So happy to hear richard is making head way into his difficulty, all things are truly possible with the Lords help. I have seen him work wonders in my life that are to numeerous to mention, the ways that he has blessed Brent in finding his beautiful bride and two great kids. He has truly acquitted himself well and done all that the Lord would have expected of him, so when he got his blessing he was promised that all would resoved itself quickly in his personal life. I remember him asking me if I meant it when he was blessed and I said do not doubt the Lord. The next thing that yu know he met Kami and the rest is history. What a wonderful addition to our family. I cannot tell how much I love Dee ,YOU, and your children. I look lforward to enjoying your blogs in the future. I am slowly learning to compose and create my own blog. Love ayou and see you soon.