Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm On the Comeback Trail.

Oh Hi! Blogging much lately? No? Me either! I am the Queen of not blogging! Life gets in the way. But life is good, and the stuff that blogs are made of, so I am on the keyboard again.
Richard and Sherri Ellsworth

Last time I wrote, we had just attended the funeral for my sister Sherri. I dearly loved this girl, my brother's wife. I wish we had lived closer together of the years because when we did get together it was all laughs and fun with her. A few years back she and Richard gave my sister Gena and I these sweet bracelets from her favorite jewelry company, Brighton. They simply say "Sisters" on the band. Richard told us a few weeks ago that one of her favorite things to do, and she looked forward to it every year, was to come to our Sibling Reunion, with our mother and her children and their spouses. He said that she never had that growing up, being an only child, and enjoyed it so much. I am glad that we goofy, boring old Ellsworths brought her some joy! Two summers ago Mom, Gena and I were able to visit Sherri and Richard in their home in Gilbert, Arizona. So when I say IN, I mean INSIDE with A/C! We sat around a lot with Sherri after Mom and Richard had gone to bed and laughed and talked until we really knew better. We had the best visits! We did get out everyday to visit old places we loved, or eat at a favorite restaurant. It was fun to hear Sherri's memories of growing up on the south side of Mesa, on her Dad's thoroughbred horse ranch, and going to (gasp) Mesa High School! I will always treasure that trip.
Every summer for the last 6 years or so we have what I call "the Mother & Child Reunion". We usually get together with my Mom and sibings in either Arvada, CO at Gena's house, or in Bloomfield, NM at Dean's place.
 Here we all are in 2013 after our annual Chinese dinner in Bloomfield, NM. Yes, you can get good Chinese there! It's called "Panda Garden" and I highly recommend it!

Here we are last year, July 2014 inside Panda Garden. It's an old Steak House so the combo of western and Chinese is a bit comical. But the food is amazing!

I know I said I would write about Sherri's funeral in my last post, but you know what? It was sad. I am not in the mood to be sad. I want to remember her with a happy heart today. If you would like to read the emotional story  (and very spiritual) of her passing and the following days, I urge you to click here and read my niece, Jolynn's accounting of her mother's story. It will touch your heart and strengthen your belief (if you believe so) in an after life and our Heavenly Father's love for us. This is a good post as well. You'll love it, I promise!

'til we meet again, sweet sister!

I would like to thank Jolynn for her great spirit and her ability to share her heart on her blog. Our family is all the richer for her being  part of us!

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URFAVE 5+1 said...

Oh Aunt Marianne I sure love you!!! You'll never know how much your kind words have helped me the the few months. You have been such a huge strength to me! What dad told you about my mom loving these sibling reunions was so true! She always looked forward to being with you all. You all were the siblings she never got to have. Her life was truly blessed by her friendships she had with all of you. I sure love you! Thank you again for everything!

Love You!