Thursday, August 28, 2014

Allison & Christian's Wedding

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 I boarded a plane and flew to Denver to help my sister Georgena as she made preparations for her daughter Allison's marriage to Christian DeShazer.
I took this photo that Thursday night as we left the Denver Temple
 after a beautiful Endowment session for Allison.

The days leading up to the big day on Saturday were filled with lots of baking, mostly done by friends of my sister's. I was bowled over by the help she received! I got the same help from my friends and ward members when my own daughter was married and it is so humbling 
to see Christ-like women in action, loving and serving each other!
We did indulge the groom and make dozens of cake pops for him as his big request for the reception.
Two cute Sister missionaries came over and hung in there with us for hours as their service for the week.
They were also there the next day to iron all of the table cloths at the church!
An army of DeShazers, Farias, and three Looses were there to string wire, 
hang ceiling drapes, and decorate up a storm that Friday.

My sweet husband Coach Dee, and my son Richard drove over on Thursday and were with us that long day. Thanks to everyone who was there to help!

The M.O.B. (Mother of the Bride) only had minor meltdowns
and held it together beautifully!
There were fantastic monsoon rains and a rollicking Rocky Mountain thunderstorm
to keep us entertained too!

 This photo is from Saturday night as the reception got underway. 
I think Gena and Allie's vision came together beautifully!

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Denver, Colorado Temple

It was a glorious day! No rain, but a terrible traffic jam caused by an accident on the 470 freeway to the temple. Though the bride and her parents left the house and hour before the rest of us, we were forewarned and took I-25 straight through downtown Denver. We arrived at the same time as the bridal party! It was all OK. The wedding previous to Allison & Christian, as well as those after had all been caught up in the same traffic. Once we entered the temple there was peace, patience, and a spirit of co-operation.
" Let's all take our turns and get these kids married!"
The ceremony was beautiful and an amazing spirit was there as these two sweethearts (since age 14!) became husband and wife for all Eternity. The groom cried more than the bride too, which was very sweet!

Because this is my blog I include these pictures of my son Richard, myself, Dee, and my dear almost 92 year old Mom who was melting in the heat as we waited for the bride and groom
 to make their grand appearance outside.

Richard has always had a soft spot for his Grandma Helen!

The photographer was also caught up in the same bad traffic so we all snapped a lot of photos while we waited. Here is Allison's "Twinie" Emily, the lovely Maid of Honor!

Mr. & Mrs. Christian DeShazer!


These two girls love each other so much!

We all found the shade while we waited for the photographer to arrive. 
Gena too this opportunity to un-bustle the bride's dress. It wasn't as simple as it seemed!

 Wait!! The M.O.B. is A.W.O.L.!!

Allie's sweet little nephew Nathan loved the pretty roses! Isn't this a precious picture?

Three of the four Faria sisters, Emily, Allison, and Nathan's mother Sarah. We missed Christina and wished she and Christopher could be there with us and we all want to meet their little Emma! 
Alas, Maryland is far, far away.
It was pointed out to me that the M.O.B. has some confusing years ahead as there are now three Chris's in her family...Christopher, Christina, and Christian!

My beautiful sister is too young to be a Grandma, isn't she?

  Here's Allison with her biggest brother Michael.

 Oh, this cake has a story! Just let it be said that it arrived damaged, not decorated the way it had been ordered, and the ribbons were SO not red and purple! Thanks to a late night run on Friday, Gena and I found the correct colors, as well as fresh red roses to place on it. Thanks to Christian's sis-in-law Holly who sweated it out with me trying to replace the ribbons without messing up the butter cream frosting! Thanks to Michael's Army training he got a 50% discount for his parents on the cake.
To its credit though, the cake was delicious!

The Groom's cake was a big hit too! Gena told me that these two figures were the very first purchase she and Allie made for the reception!

Just look at a small portion of the hundreds of goodies made by friends for this couple! 
The treat table was a big hit!

The curs-ed cake pops were very popular and yummy as well.

It was a beautiful, fun, aggravating, exhausting week...but what wedding isn't?
I love my little sister and I would do anything for her! 
Here's to many more of these happy days for both of our families!!
Well done M.O.B.!!


Gena said...

Marianne, I love you so very much. I hate that on a weekend like that I didn't have time to carry a camera around (and I'm so grateful for the plethora of smart phones that take better pictures than my camera!). You did a beautiful job telling this story! It was a fun weekend, there were many people who earned many blessings of service and there was a lot of love in the air! The newlyweds came by last night to do their laundry and it's wonderful to see how happy they are, and how married they act. And, most amusing, how tired they are now that it's all over ;)

URFAVE5 said...

It looks like such a beautiful wedding! Im so glad that you guys were able to there I know it meant the world to the Faria Family ( especially Gena) that you were.

Lots if Love,

Nancy Face said...

The ceiling drapes look fantastic! And I LOVE the references to "Wedding Planner" haha! The bride is lovely, and that's a wonderful shot of you and your sister! Oh, such happiness!