Friday, July 4, 2014

California Part 2~ Lots of Parades & Disney Characters

The very first thing on the second day we walked into Disneyland and there was Goofy! Lucas wasn't so sure at first but soon gave him a high five. I haven't mentioned yet that Nick's family came to be at the graduation (of course they did!), this is Nick's father Michael or "Pops".

Next it as our turn to pose with he big guy!

If you head over to Tomorowland and to the House of Tomorrow you can see the great Marvel Comics exhibit. We stood in line for awhile to meet Thor...are you kidding?
I swooned!
I had to resist the urge to push my single daughter toward him!

We also met Captain America! It was very exciting! Lucas has little Thor and Cap' action figures. One day after they had watched the movie He picked up his little Captain America figure and said, "Steeeeve!"
You know of course, that his real name is Steve don't?
Where have you been?!

Steeeve! You're a swell guy!!

One morning the girls and Richard broke off from the group to go meet some characters.
 When we heard Merida was in the park we went over to Fantasyland to meet her.

She was adorable! Her Scottish accent was perfect and she had my heart for standing there in that velvet dress in the 100+ heat!
I also think she switched herself out in the 20 minutes between the two photos!
I'd like a double to stand in for me when it got too hot!

They met a random fairy that I thought was Tiana...but no, she has wings.

Tinkerbell is adorable!

Dee and I ran into Alice and the Mad Hatter behind the Matterhorn. So fun!

We took a ride on King Arthur's Carousel too. Here are Rachel & Lucas with his Uncle Brandon. We walked right onto this ride as we did most of them! May is an awesome time to visit, especially the middle of the week. Hardly any waits at all!

We were in California Adventure for the Toy Story Parade one evening which was so fun!
 I love the life-sized army guys!



I did a crazy thing. Nick was trying to talk Richard into going to the Hollywood Tower of Terror. He was dead set against it. Nick, in his typical enthusiasm said,
 "Come on Richard!! Your Mom is going to go with us!"


"If she does it you have to go!"


I thought I'd go support my son. Never again.
I got so, SO sick!
I thought it was one of those 'drop-from-the-top" rides. Oh no. It's a "drop-you-then-bounce-you-back-up-and jiggle-you-around-and-drop-you-again-over-and-over" kind of ride!

The last evening was spent on Paradise Pier
seeing the "World of Color" water show.
It's a colorful fountain show set to favorite songs from Disney movies.
They have a "screen" of mist on which  the scenes are projected.
Most of my photos were blurry so I borrowed the first three from the internet.

 Pocahontas' "Colors of the Wind" is where I started to cry. SO beautiful!!

I caught Captain Jack during that awesome Pirates movie theme.

His scene ended with flames so hot we felt them from our spot on the boardwalk!

After the show we all walked to the exit. It's always a melancholy feeling to know
 you are going back to the real world...

...but not quite!
Next time:
Graduation and the beach!

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URFAVE5 said...

I love Disneyland , Brian, well he doesn't love it so much. He more tolerates it. Last time we went he said, well that should do is intil we come with our grandkids. What???? I don't think so! However, after 3 days of it I am usually an done with it for a couple of years. So I guess its good I can get my fill of it since Brian isn't a big fan of it . It looks like a great time!