Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh, the Dimples!!

There is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby and last weekend we got to meet 
a little guy who has the cuteness market cornered!
Meet Nathan Anthony Faria. 
He is the son of my nephew Michael and his wife Sarah.
 Sunday was the day he was given a name and a blessing at church.

 Nathan was born 2 months ago in Texas where his father has been serving in the Army at Fort Hood. Michael did cool things like pilot drone aircraft. Someday Nathan will think that's pretty awesome!
Now that Michael is out of the military, he and Sarah decided to come to Utah so that he could finish his schooling. I couldn't be happier about that because it means we get to see them and get to know their little guy! It also means that his Grandparents, my baby sister Georgena and her husband Steve will be coming over from Denver to visit. Win/win!!

Here is Gena with her first little Grandson, Nathan. They look pretty good together, don't they?

I couldn't resist a slobbery kiss for my pesky little sis!

  She is looking gorgeous and I kind of look five years older than her.

After the blessing at church we gathered at Sarah's brother's house in Lehi for some photos and visiting.
Michael is the cutest Daddy. 
He couldn't love this little boy more and it shows!
There's my husband the Master, the Cutest Coach...forever answereing Email and texts.

This is the group of good men that stood in the circle of Priesthood brethren. 
Nathan is lucky to have good uncles, cousins, and Grandpas to love him!

Here are Michael's family who were able to come. 
We missed Emily's twin sister Allison, who had to stay behind in Colorado and work.
 Also, their brother Chris and his wife Christina and their darling little Emma who is aobut 6 months older than cousin Nathan.
 Cannot wait to meet her someday. Maryland is a far away place...
 Front: Sarah, Michael & Nathan, Auntie Emily, Cousins Brittany & Rachel.
Back: Grandpops Steve, Grandma Gena, Great-Auntie Marianne, Great-Uncle Dee, & Cousin Richard.
 Sarah has given Steve & Gena their grandparent names. They are going to be Lolly & Pop...Cute!
"Lolly" fits Georgena nicely!

Nathan is the smiley-est baby I've ever known.
 He has literally been smiling (really smiling) since he was just weeks old.
 He can melt a roomful of adults with those dimples!

There was plenty of doting on this little man. You cannot help yourself!
This photo was a popular one from the night.
Someone said it was very much like a Norman Rockwell.
I agree!

I hope Lolly & Pop can come over often! 
Miss Emily is still at BYU and now this little grand baby is in the neighborhood. 
Next visist please!!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying cool, early summer evenings snuggling on our patio, The girls gave me these lights for Mother's Day and the guys put them up for me. Nothing nicer! (except for baby dimples!)


Nancy Face said...

He's so, so cute!

Lolly and Pop are the best grandparent names!

Diana said...

Nathan's sweet smile might be enough to draw us out there too ;). We are so jealous of all the family you have nearby!

URFAVE5 said...

Oh Aunt Marianne~I love EVERYTHING about this post! I love that Michael and Sara are living so close to you and that you'll get to see them and Aunt Gena and Steve more. I love how darn cute that little Nathan is. I want to kiss those dimples. I love that Richard was in that circle of good men, it warms my heart to see these young men hold the priesthood. I love your back patio and yard and your pretty lights. I love that you have such pretty cool evening weather-even though I'm jealous:)

Thank you so much Aunt Marianne for all your kind words and comments and love and support you give my family. My heart is so full appreciation and love for you and your sweet good husband and family.

Sure love you guys!