Saturday, April 19, 2014

What's Up?

I have been so busy telling my grandmother's story on Time Travel Tuesdays that I haven't really posted about what I've been up to lately. If you follow me on Instagram @marianneloose, you have likely see some of these photos, but my Mom doesn't do Instagram. Frankly at 93.5 years of age I am impressed that she gets on her Email and Facebook accounts all by herself! You GO Mom! So, is what your little girl has been doing, and a bit of the rest f the gang too!

Sometimes brides have interesting color choices for their receptions. One of our lady Cougar swimmers asked me to make an apron for her that matched her color scheme. These colors are beautiful. I pictured gerbera daisies & paper lanterns.
I wondered, however, if I'd find fabric to match. 
 I shouldn't have worried!

It turned out so cute!

I also made two of these sweetheart aprons for servers at a 50's themed 50th anniversary party.
Not wanting to pay $12 for the pattern, I made up my own! 
I guess I've been doing this long enough, huh?

We have had a really cold spring. It's good for the snow pack up in the mountains. The longer the snow stays up there, the more water we have this summer. Down in the valley, however, we were freezing and ready for warmer days!
I had already cleaned out the fireplace for the season but I had to relent. Our resident pyromaniac has moved to Provo where she enjoys her gas fireplace in her new condo. We were glad to have her here one cold, stormy night when I needed a fire-starter!

Cold temps call for comfort food. I saw this recipe on Facebook one day and had to try it. It was so good we had it twice in one week! It's so easy! Just scrub your potatoes clean and slice them thinly with a very sharp knife. Careful though! Don't cut them all of the way through! Put them in a dish that has been sprayed with a no-stick spray. Drizzle them with olive oil and add your favorite seasoning. I used Mrs. Dash one night and lemon pepper the next time. Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes.

This was April 2nd. A few days after the fire and the potatoes. A massive hail storm that froze us out again.

Roxie and I have had it with winter!

She finds this sunny spot every morning. I wish I fit in it!
Phooey on the cold!!

So, being housebound, I turned to two subjects I love...Family History & Scrapbooking!

I am nearly finished with these beauties!

I love mornings when the Skype ringer goes off on the computer! It means I get to spend some time with my sweet girl Diana and her little man!

One morning last week they called to show me how Lucas had painted his Easter Egg holders...

My latest sewing project was these darling Matryoshka dolls.
 They are made from a pattern by Retromama on
I love everything she creates! Aren't they cute?

Rachel and her friends, Brianne, and Melissa went to ComicCon today. Rach and Melissa went as Totoros and Brianne was The Black Widow from Marvel Comics.
Rachel and Melissa made their cute little outfits the other night.
So many people aske them if they could have their photos taken with them.
ComicCon is basically a Nerdfest and they loved every minute of it!
Patrick Stewart (Capt. Piccard from Star Trek the Next Generation) was there!
She got to see Adam Baldwin who plays John Casey on "Chuck".
She also saw Nathan Fillion, TV'S "Castle"...DREAMY!!
Then, if you are a "Dr. Who" fan, she saw Karen Gillan who portrays Amy Pond! 
She is home now, and very happy!

The 2013-14 BYU swim season is over. It's good because we get to see the coach a lot more!
The guys gave him this memento of the year in which they were all allowed 
to grow a mustache for Mo-vember.
 Yay! A hairy mustache in a frame! 
It's going back to his office desk in the Richards Building!

Lastly, may I leave you with this adorable photo of my grandson, because I cannot get enough of him!
He planted marigolds with his daddy the other day in sunny California and his Mama shared this with me.
She says this is his "CHEEEEEZE" face.

Oh. My. HEART!!!


Nancy Face said...

I am IN LOVE with the 50's sweetheart apron! Cutest thing ever!

So many great things in this post!

URFAVE5 said...

I love all your family history posts. You amaze me with all that you know and share. So glad that you are recording all these stories.

It looks like you have been keeping busy with all your sewing projects. I love your aprons-so cute!

I am in complete and total shock of your weather! Unbelievable! It was 97 degrees today-NO I'm not kidding. If only we could take some of your cold and our hot and get a happy medium.

Now about adorable Lucas. He is to die for! Love his cheese grin. Too cute!