Friday, March 28, 2014

Gramma Heaven!

The Little House seems awfully quiet these days. For ten glorious, loud, busy, crazy days it played host to our grandson, Lucas! He arrived with his Mom, our daughter Diana, on big airplane that let his Thor action figure zoom up in the clouds...WhoOSH! His Daddy arrived three days later and together they graced our home during their spring break. Bless their little San Diego hearts...they froze! We had enjoyed several sunny warm days up in the high 60's up until they got here. The temperatures dropped dramatically and rain came in to remind them of their former Utah home.

In preparation for their arrival Auntie Britt bought a toddler bed so her sweet nephew would sleep in comfort. The old Pack-n-Play was way too small anymore. Uncle Richard deserves a medal of honor for trying to put that thing together! It was very tricky but he persevered with great patience.

Lucas was very impressed with the results.
"What is this strange sort of crib that I can get into and out of all by myself?"


Pretty soon Aunt Britt came over and we all visited while Diana unpacked.

Soon after, the young Jedi master snuck (sneaked?) up the stairs. Only one of the adults noticed.
 "This is not the toddler you want to keep an eye on. Move along..."

What he found next fascinated him for the rest of the visit.
The dog's bowls!

"Whatcha got there doggy? Can I try some?

Does he look innocent enough?

And thus went the rest of the week with this very active, very curious 18 month old! He goes from one thing to another to another to another to another! His parents joke that he's like a shark. 
If he stops moving he will die. I fear they are right!

The first few nights were rough. He had a bad cough. So bad, in fact, that the 2nd night his Momma and I took him to the ER. Her insurance likes out-of-state ER's better than Urgent Care places. The doctor worried about RSV, but gratefully that test came back negative. His lungs were clear too. Just a horrible virus that plagued him for the next week.

He was not happy after that x-ray and nose sucky-thing! It was midnight and he wanted to be in bed!

It didn't seem to bother him much during the day. I was tired trying to keep up with him! Diana welcomed the extra hands and hearts that loved and took care of her son so she could have some moments of freedom and we all had the BEST time!
 Roxie soon grew used to all of the attention and loved following Lucas around because he tended to drop Goldfish crackers and Cheerios!

 One morning Diana was resting after a rough night of coughing. Gramma found it difficult to put on makeup while trying to keep this boy out of the toilet, shower, bathtub, hall closet,... so I resorted to the old stand-by, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". Awesome!!! (sheet washing day!)
 Louie was everywhere! The window seat was a favorite spot. Roxie stayed close! I am a bit annoyed that Lucas taught her how to get up there!

 Pa had fun showing Lucas all of the old toys we had saved for this very time in our lives. The wooden blocks were a hit, as was Uncle Richard's old car mountain.
He loved to play with our old play dishes and kitchen.
Some people get rid of all of their toys when the kids outgrow them. I never could. I am too sentimental.
I'm glad we kept them!

Aunt Britt came out almost every night to join us. She loves this boy so much!
Isn't she looking quite "Google-y" these days?!

 There was the fun night that Nick and Diana bought "Frozen".

 There were "Man Cave" moments too. Like the guys watching "Miracle" together.
 Pa cried again for the 40,000th time!
 More to share next time!


Nancy Face said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! And I especially love the Star Wars reference!

We saved Zach's wood blocks and LEGOS for the grandkids, but we did get rid of the big toys. Clutter can make me heartless, ha!

When Zoey comes to visit with Lauren, she still sleeps in a Pack 'n Play! She usually dislikes it the first night, but after that she's happy!

Zoey gets sick almost every visit, and we've done the urgent care in the middle of the night (New Year's Eve)! This last visit (just 4 weeks ago) she got double ear infections, PLUS she got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, which her Grandpa Kris caught from her! His fever was 104 degrees, YIKES!

Diana said...

Nancy- I love reading your comments because I used to keep up with Lauren's blog before she went private. I am glad to hear her sweet girl is having fun with her grandma (even when sick). I certainly know my mom loves having Louie around.

(Miss you already marmie!)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

So much fun to have your little "King Louie" come to visit. He is just darling and I bet the whole family surrounds him with LOVE and LOTS of attention. Lucky little boy.