Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time Travel Tuesday~California Dreamin'

It snowed again last night. Not a lot. Certainly not as much as we need. We have been asked by our Stake leaders to pray for more because our water situation up in the reservoirs is pretty grim. Can I pray that we get maybe ten feet of new snow up in the mountains and have spring down here in the valley? No? It doesn't work that way?

So I dream of sunnier days and definitely warmer times! I mean, what good is a fireplace in this cold if I can't even light a fire because of the bad air quality?

I went searching for beach pictures today. We have plenty of more recent trips, but if we are going to time travel...let's go back to 1991!

Dee and I loaded up our four little girls in August of '91 and drove from Salt Lake City to visit my sister Gena and her family in SoCal. Steve and Gena lived in Torrance and took us to their favorite nearby beach...Redondo.

We had a lot of coastal fog on our days at the beach but it was still warm and wonderful.
Here are Brittany and Sarah checking out the ocean for the very first time. That was fun!

 They are discovering here that their Uncle Steve is a wild man!

Yeah, that's Steve's head out there in the wave!

If you look closely behind Diana and Cousin Chris you can see my Sweetie in his 90's
 Shorty McShort Shorts! Socks and shoes at the beach?? Must be from Northern Cal!

I love this view of the coast and secretly dream of living there. What a life (if it was cheaper!)

Diana & Chris were all to willing to please me! See the early version of the Pack-n-Play back them? That was for my 8 month old baby Rachel. She was crawling and I tried to keep her from eating sand!

Here we see Diana trying to smile for me but there is so much going on in the background. Cousin Michael is obviously being coerced by Brittany into the water!
There's Steve and his boogie board heading back in,
 and in the middle is "Legs Loose" as Grandpa called Sarah.

This is by far my most favorite photo of the group.
 My beautiful baby girl Rachel in her beach dress and hat!
 She had her 23rd birthday last week. Holy cow! 
That means these photos were, like...23 years ago!

 Had to keep that girl fed!

I was eight months post pregnancy here and how I wish I had that body back! It's here somewhere. Maybe I can find it again!
 In the meantime I'll sigh and dream of beaches and sunny, warm days, and plan our trip in May to visit this little girl who is now our California Girl,
when her husband graduates from USC with his Master's degree. 
There is snow outside of my door, 
but a beach is in my future!

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Nancy Face said...

Oh yes, weren't those short Man Shorts just awful? Haha!