Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sharing the Love

I have some talented children! Artists, scholars, scientists, athletes, people persons. They would laugh at me and tell me I am ridiculous. I am their Mom. I can talk about them. This week I have enjoyed one of Diana's talents. She can write a fun story! I have several writers in the group. It has always been fun to go through their things from school years gone by and find the stories they wrote. Diana was particularly dramatic. They always bring a smile to my face. This week she wrote four stories on her blog. They were the real life love stories of hers and Nick's grandparents. She wrote them in the style of  fun little romance novels and states
 ~"I would like to add a little disclaimer to all my wonderful family members who might read these and say "that's not how it happened!" I want to emphasize that these are creative works of fiction based on the stories I have heard my grandparents tell. I do not use any of their names in the actual stories for that reason, and out of respect for how they might feel about this. My stories are not meant to 100% accurately reflect what actually happened (e.g. if I get the season wrong or describe a location inaccurately) but rather to capture the essence and feelings of these wonderful people. With this in mind, please be kind in your estimation of the veracity of my stories. XOXO"

If you would like some sweet, quick reads click these links:
 George & Helen

 Ken & Sharon   

 Bob & Felicia


Hannalore & Gunther

 Here are Nick and Diana with their amazing group of Grandparents.
 Lucas is a blessed boy to have seven living great-grandparents! My Dad is dearly missed but we feel him around us all of the time.
Each of these four couples has a sweet, fun, often amazing love story.
 Have fun reading! 
(And to Diana...Good job Honey!)


Nancy Face said...

Two of my three kids are writers, too! Don't you just love what your children create? :)

Sarah Faria said...

I loved her stories! Especially the one about my granparents-in-law. I got all teary eyed reading through it!

Diana said...

Aw thanks for the plug-in Marmie. It's nice to flex my creative writing muscles.

URFAVE5 said...

I can not wait to read them!