Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family, Food, Fun!

The Master, Richard, and I hit the road last week. We headed south through red rock arches country, cut through Colorado's colorful corner, and ended up in Bloomfield, NM. I have made that trip countless times in my life and it never seed so quick as it did that day. We left earlier than this family has ever gotten on the road, had breakfast in Moab, and lunch at my brother's table in NM. I slept most of the morning so for me it was awesome! Here's to my Sweetie for being able to drive without being drowsy! I fail miserably at that!

Here are a few photos from our Mother and Child Reunion:

I woke up long enough to see the beautiful big skies of southenr Utah. Then I slept some more!

The Farias brought Cousin Charlie and there was plenty of puppy love all around!

 My brother Richard made some yummy caramels. He is an amazing cook! He also made a wonderful white chocolate cheesecake, some London Broil to die for, and a great breakfast one morning!

 There was always plenty of tasting, crocheting, talking, and Wii Golf playing. There were a few wicked Mario Kart tourneys too!

 Wherever there was food, there was Charlie. Richard and Sherrie were soft touches!

 Card games are always in the mix. Gena and Sherrie ponder over a game of Hand and Foot, which sounds like a disease, folks! I personally despise this game. I prefer to sit back and take photos of the 3 hour long process of making red books and black books and scoring and counting; but everyone else loves it and thinks I am a party pooper!

 Dean, Dee, Renda (our hostess with the mostess) and Richard.
 The Big Guy, my brother Dean makes a move while our 90 year old card shark mother Helen looks on.
Sweet Helen still has that charm and spunk that made my Dad's heart go flip flop 71 years ago!
She would want you to know that she doesn't normally go around with large gift bows on her head.

Profiles of two guys I love. My brother-in-law Steve and my son Richard. I took this photo because I looked over at him and couldn't believe how much older he is starting to look!

We celebrated Dean and Richard's birthdays while we were there. I am sorry I missed snapping a photo of Dean's big day! Gena and Dee made a giant cream filled version of the Pioneer Woman's Heavenly Cupcake recipe. That's what brother Richard requested. They surprised him greatly with this hulking hunk of calories!

Ughh! Full tummies all around!

 The guys all went fishing up at Navajo Dam on Monday. They had a great time and if I recall, they all caught at least two brown trout. Richard Loose took some great photos but alas, they are on his phone! Here is a fun selfie he took of himself and Charles.

On our last evening together we were treated to Chinese food by our brothers. For being in the middle of some people's nowhere, Panda Gardens in Bloomfield was pretty yummy! My fortune made me laugh because it was SO not true!
 Richard and Sherrie were staying at a hotel in town, the rest of us out at Dean's house. We said our goodbyes after dinner because we were all leaving early in the morning.

I love my brothers and sisters with all of my heart. I have wonderful memories from my childhood with these people and it has carried through until the present day. We lost Dad 10 years ago and sister Sharon 6 years ago. We miss them, but I felt them around us now and then.  I know Dad is happy that we all get together and love each other as he and Mom taught us to.
Back-Richard Ellsworth, Dee & Marianne Loose, Dean Ellsworth, Georgena & Steve Faria.
Front-Sherri, Renda, & Helen Ellsworth.
Thanks Dean & Renda for being such wonderful hosts!
See you all next time!


Nancy Face said...

I think gift bows are quite at home on human heads!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

what a FUN trip...maybe next time Brent and I will tag along??? We always need excuses to get away and see loud games and EAT GOOD FOOD. Glad you are home safe and sound.

URFAVE5 said...

It sounds like it was a great time had by all! Kami's comment above made me laugh...I've wanted to tag along many times, and I REALLY wanted to this time. I guess I need to break the news to Kami that unless are a child living with one of the siblings than you are not invited to the party. At least this is what I have been told!

I'm so glad that you guys are able to get together every year and share time with each other just the siblings, spouses, and their mother. Every family needs time together like this.

I want to especially thank you for all your kind words to me on our blog. You have touched me so much. I sure love you!

Thank you again for everything!

URFAVE5 said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you that I when I was looking at your pictures I thought the same thing that you said about Richard. All of the sudden he looks so much older and more mature. It is so odd how just one day something changes in their faces and they look like men and not little boys. Richard is a handsome boy and a lucky boy to have two awesome parents.

Love You!

fivekidsandablog said...

wish I was there