Monday, June 3, 2013


Did you know that I like old stuff? While I do not have a fantastic collection of antiques due to budgetary constraints, I do enjoy looking. Last Saturday while the Master was out of town and all of the kids were busy I took myself out on a antiquing date!

Here is one of my favorite little places to go...

It's called The Nook & Cranny. It's in Lehi, Utah just down the road a bit from our neighborhood. Nook & Cranny is a fitting name because it is literally stuffed to the rafters with good old stuff to look at. It spills outside onto the sidewalks and into the side yard.


 I found this cool old weather vane in the back lot. love it!!

 This is inside one of the buildings in the back. Lots of furniture, old appliances, toys,
etc. I am a bit miffed to see my childhood showing up in these collections as in a rotary dial phone here and there, as well as the collection of soda bottles below.

 This is inside of the main building. Here is a collection of hobnail milk glass. it reminds me of my mother because she really loves this stuff.

 I especially fell in love with these vintage birdseed cans! How cute are they?! If I had more room in The Little House on the Corner I would have snatched them up!

Once in awhile I turn a corner in a place like this and I hear heavenly choirs, I mean

There is was, the object of every search, every wandering through this place...
Not just any Fiestaware either. This was a discontinued, as in only made between 1936 & 1946, original yellow, big, fat ice lip pitcher! My heart both thrilled and sank at the same time. I knew I could never afford such an item. But then I looked at the price tag and heard the choir singing again...

You know, I am not a hardcore collector. I simply love the vibrant colors and the art deco shapes of Fiestaware. it also takes me back in time to my mother and grandmothers' kitchens. I didn't care that it had a chip or two, or that there was a hairline crack near the handle. (These things surely kept it from being worth $100 or more.) I didn't care!!
It spoke to me and said, "Take me home and love me. Put daisies in me and rejoice!"

So I did!

Vintage ice lip pitcher, meet your vintage little brother and sister, salt and pepper.

 In this picture you can see the lip that keeps ice from poring out into your glass.
 Made by Homer Laughlin Co. in the U.S.A.

I can hardly wait for my daisies to come into bloom!
It was a good day at Nook and Cranny!

How was YOUR weekend?

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Nancy Face said...

I love white hobnail milk glass, too!

I wish I was there so I could buy the French's Bird Gravel can!

I have antique floral dinnerware that was made by the Homer Laughlin Company! It was my grandmother's.

URFAVE5 said...

I too Love the white hobnail dishes. It reminds me of my grandpa and grandma. I love all ur antique findings! So vintage and fun!