Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time Travel Tuesdays~In the Pink!

Not much goes on around here outside of normal daily life. I suppose that's good! No ER trips lately, no auto crashes, no anything! Well, we do get up each day and live our lives! Rachel has completed one term of online courses from the Savannah College of Art & Design or SCAD. She is working hard to save money to be able to move to Georgia and attend in person this fall. Richard is working to graduate from high school in May. Bless him. He has a lot of challenges that make it difficult for him to focus in class and complete tasks on time. We have a bit of credit recovery we are working on as well as a couple of Electronic High School classes he needs to finish. I love this boy so much! He is so kind and thoughtful. He has a powerful testimony of the Gospel and has expressed a desire to serve a mission for our church. I hope he can. We have a year to go on his braces before he could leave. He wants to find a job and work hard to save money for his mission and for school. He is looking at a few applied technology schools in the area. Dee continues to coach for BYU. He has traveled a bit for recruiting and for some meets. He hopes I can go with him in May to Orlando, Florida for a college swim coaching clinic. That would be a first for me to have traveled that far east. Britt has moved back in with us temporarily. Her roommates both wanted to try new areas to live in so she came back home until she decides what to do next. We love having her around! I am sewing new aprons and will share them online soon.

In the meantime, I am nearly done scanning and repairing my mother's photos. I am working on the 1980's and 90's now. Nearly there! A few months ago I was enjoying looking back at our 1970's lives. It was such an interesting time to grow up in. In 1967 my parents made the decision to move from our little white frame house on the dairy into a new home "in town" as Mom used to say. It was at 323 North Hunt Drive in Mesa. I loved this house! It was only a year old when we moved in, had four bedrooms and 1 & 3/4 baths. The bathrooms were tiled in white and pink or blue & had magical showers. For me, any shower was a magical thing because in my memory we had never lived in a house with one. The floors were covered in white-ish linoleum flecked with chunks of gray, and in the bathrooms there were chunks of pink or blue glitter depending on which one you were in. My closet doors had little white china door knobs with pink roses. The family who built the house had a Mom who loved pink. Hence, our pink kitchen!
 There are a few things I love about this kitchen. It is very vintage now. See the vents routed into the wood under the sink?  The bathrooms had these vents too.The pink Formica counter top and back-splash that rose up to cover the walls under the cabinets kept the walls safe. You can just barely see the int of the white scallops on the front of the vent hood there, and the silver knobs. No electronic touch-panels yet. We had two new and amazing things to me in my ten year old life, a dishwasher and a garbage disposal! Such miracles of modern invention!  This picture of my Mom, Helen is so fun! I see my Dad's pith helmet in the corner of the counter. He surely picked those oranges right off of the trees at the dairy and brought them home in his hat! Mom saved jars for all kinds of reasons. You can see three right on the counter. On the far right side there is a bottle of this oily hand lotion she used. It wasn't my favorite. I can still recall the scent. Tupperware was big in our house. There's a blue tumbler and a white pitcher,  Also, see my mother's broach? It is from Avon. The center of it opened up on tiny hinges and there was perfumed sachet inside. She had quite a few pieces like this. Also, we cannot ignore her hair. It's a classic bubble-do. My sis-in-law Renda frosted Mom's brown hair into it's blond state and carefully fixed her hair every week. Renda was very talented at this look!

Surprise Mom! I'm not sure who took this one but I love the look on her face! This one is actually from a years or so sooner than the last one, before she went totally blond. I think she is wearing the same red pantsuit. Here we see Dad's milk bucket. Even though we lived "in town" we still got our milk fresh from the ladies at the dairy. In the window sill I see mementos from my Granny Ellsworth. There are her Three Little Pigs and her green teapot, both of which I now have. I love that Mom is wearing her apron in this photo. She always has an apron around her waist and a dish towel over her shoulder. Everyone in the family knows if they need to wipe their hands they can turn to Grandma and she won't disappoint the need for a towel!

Pink was the color of the day in that house. We had a pink freezer in the laundry room and it went beautifully with the pink washer and dryer. They were just out of this photo to the right in the laundry room. I love the pink pom poms on the curtains too!

What do you recall from your childhood that would be so vintage now? (Or are you that old?)


Sarah said...

Love this post! Thanks for pointing out all the little details in the pictures Mom!

Nancy Face said...

Pretty much everything from my childhood would be vintage, ha! Yep, we had the vents in the cabinets under the sink! And I NEVER lived in a house with air conditioning until after I got married. Evap coolers do not work in July and August, ugh!

My daughter sees photos of some of the dresses I wore around the time I got married (1982) and wishes I had saved them for her! Ha!

URFAVE5 said...

I just love these time travel posts. I love and appreciate you pointing out all the details in the pictures. So neat! I can't get over how grandma really looks the same, she's an ageless beauty! Brilynn commented how much she thinks Gena looks like grandma. Thanks so much for sharing!

Love you!