Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rivalry Day

Go Cougars!! Big game today. I hope the Utes go down under a blue tide tonight!
 Has it really been only two weeks since our little Cougar was born?
It feels like we have known him forever! The sweetest parts of my hectic days are when I enter the Level 2 Nursery (N.I.C.U.) and hold him in my arms. It is a pure joy to feel his soft baby hair and drink in the scent of new baby + baby shampoo! Lucas is still being fed through a tube although all that he is getting comes from his Mom now. She comes in for several feedings a day to let him practice at nursing and he is getting pretty good at it! He is starting to take in more and more from her and that is encouraging. What is a bit scary is that he still forgets to breathe now and then while nursing. His blood/oxygen saturation levels drop dramatically and he sets of his alarm. That is the main problem now. He needs your prayers so that he can grow stronger and get his eating/breathing skills coordinated! All Diana has to do is stop him from eating and give him a few moments and he takes that big breath that we are waiting for. What a relief! It's getting a bit hard for my girl to come and go from the hospital without her son. I long for the time when they can be together here at home. To make it a bit more of a trial for Nan, her sweetheart had to leave for San Diego a week ago to get back to grad school. She is so strong and brave and I love her more than ever. I am very proud of the selfless mother she has become. Her time is consumed with producing food for Lucas and taking it to the hospital, back and forth all day every day.  Nick is all alone down in California too. This little family needs to get back together! You can read Diana's wonderful perspective here.

Ok, so I am a doting Gramma. Look at this boy!

This Gramma is one tired lady. I want to sleep like a baby! I'll make my next post all about our very busy week involving tomatoes, chilies, onions, hot kitchens, sewing like crazy,
 driving back and forth.....Zzzzz


bunchocoffeys said...

So great to hear he's getting the hang of it! I remember those NICU days 2 years ago with my little boys all too well! If he's recovering quickly, he's just about over that last hurdle! One of these days, you'll realize you got through a whole feeding without an alarm, and before you know it, soon after he'll be on his way home. I will continue praying for that little cutie!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

He is DARLING in his little Y beanie...and I LOVE his sweet smile. I hope he is doing well and will get to be done with those dang tubes soon. You are in our prayers!

URFAVE5 said...
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URFAVE5 said...

That little guy is absolutely the most precious thing I think I've ever seen. SO sweet! My heart is breaking for Diana having to leave that little guy there and to be without Nick is even harder. We will keep little Lucas in our prayers as well as the rest of your family.

Much love and prayers,

P.S. I love the BYU beanie.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, sweet Lucas! He looks adorable in his tiny Cougars hat, and I love his hair!