Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reunion Part 2

The week went much too quickly! There was a lot of cooking and eating, always with Chef Richard at the helm! For those of you who know him....have you ever noticed how much he pontificates when he is in the kitchen?!

 And...have you ever tried to gather a yacking group for a simple little blessing on the food? Geesh!
 "Are you gonna stop taking pictures so we can pray?"
ME: " When you all stop talking I'll stop snapping!"

 Poor Richard Loose always gets asked to pray because he is the only one who is not giggling!

 Then there was this moment where Richard the Elder tried to kiss Richard the Younger and his OCD!
 Sweet Charlie enjoyed all of the attention but wasn't sure about his new cousin Roxie. I do not blame him one bit! She was raised by cats and has jungle tendencies. We had to break them up more than once as she felt the need to defend a toy or food and he felt the need to protect himself! We need some socialization for this pup but not during a family reunion, thank you! I apologize for all of the hair-raising snarls and the chomp Alli got on her finger when she tried to pull them apart.

I did enjoy this view of Charles and Rachel taking advantage of a cool, quiet afternoon. Chuck was ever on the alert for squirrels and Rachel was never without the sketch pad or her phone!

So, here we are...a bit red-orange but happy to be together. Dee's new job allowed him to come with me to Denver for only the 2nd time! Normally he would have been working some swim meet somewhere!My new hair was a bit flat that morning, but I was so glad to have it off of my neck!

On Sunday morning the Faria gang got up and ready for church. They rarely get to go together anymore because Steve works in Ogden and Emily is at BYU.

I am glad we got at least one group shot!

The two Richards!

Richard and Sherrie right before they left for the airport...sniff!
Dean and Renda did not pose that morning. I'll get you two next time!

It was lovely to be with each other for four days. That rarely happens anymore. After we lost Dad and then Sharon, we decided we needed to see one another more often than at each other's funerals! I love my brothers and sisters. I am so grateful for parents who drove home the fact that friends may be for now but they are fleeting. The most important thing we have is our family. I look forward to the next time we can all be together!


Lori said...

One word Marianne . . . . LUCKY!!! It looks like you all had so much fun. I showed Doug the group shot and he just smiled and then said, "Aunt Helen looks sooo good and man I miss Marianne". Then he proceeded to tell me a few stories about you guys when you were little. He ended by saying, "She was so dang sweet". That my dear is a wonderful compliment to receive from a male cousin.

URFAVE5 said...

I'm so glad that you all got to be together! I look at how close you all are and how close Brian and Brent and Lyndsey are and I sure hopw my kids are that close as adults. Sometimes I think the boys just tolerate each other:-( but I do know that in their hearts they really do love each I just hope they really do like each other too:)
I'm so glad it was a good time for all of you. I think next year you should come here for it and then maybe we'd get to see you a little. If Dad said we could:)