Monday, May 14, 2012

Mum's Day 2012

I have a daughter who lives in Canada and she says "Mum" sometimes. It's cute! I am still deciding on what grandmother name I want my grandkiddies to call me, hmmm..Mum?

Yesterday was lovely, starting with my men, Richard and the Master, fixing breakfast in bed for me. Dee asked if I thought he over-did the strawberries a bit. I don't think so! I LOVE strawberries for breakfast. He is so sweet. They also sneaked outside to cut some fresh tulips and a big purple iris for me. I love those guys!

During church services I felt my phone vibrate in my lap. I have my scriptures on it, OK? I looked down and saw a Facebook notification from Sarah. I guiltily admit that I logged onto Facebook during Sacrament meeting. It was Mother's Day and I am Sarah's Mum! She left a sweet comment on my page about how I am the best mother and all. Made me smile! That meeting was also very nice because the Master Dee was there! He serves in a Young Single Adult bishopric and we rarely get to sit together in church these days. I loved it.

Oh! On the way into church yesterday my heels got stuck in the tar they use to fill in the cracks in the parking lot. This happens every year when the weather gets hot. As we found our seats and waited for the meeting to begin Rachel handed me this:
What a lovely depiction of her mother!

When I arrived home I found this surprise waiting for me...

Yummy Devil's Food cupcakes with caramel frosting! Rachel had remembered how I had seen this cute little cake pedestal at Hobby Lobby and she told Brittany about it. Aren't they the dearest girls?

Nick and Diana made a scrumptious grilled steak dinner with the best potato salad ever! I am sorry I did not get a photo of it. I also did not get photos of the many hugs  and kisses my sweet children gave me. Those are the very best presents! I am so glad that I am a mother and a soon-to-be Grand Mum!

Stay tuned for a big announcement coming in a few days!


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Well it definitely sounds like a YUMMY Mother's Day for sure.
Happy Day to you...MUM! :)

URFAVE5 said...

Happy Mums Day! It sounds like a very happy day and a very yummy one too.

I can't wait to hear about this big announcement! Oh and we will be there June 11 or 12 until June 14 or 15. We'd love to get together with you all!

Love you all,

Lori said...

Well you did very well "Mum"!! I love strawberries too and I think you can never have enough. It is so nice to hear someone else complain about their heels getting caught in that tar yuck. I'm constantly doing that. I will come completely out of my shoe sometimes - does not make me happy at all and I love the drawing. Looks more like me than you. Can't wait to hear what you will be called Grandma. Right now I'm May-May (not sure if that's how they are going to spell it). It might change when she gets older and maybe not. I don't care - I'm the Grandma she runs to and hugs the most ~ that's all that matters.