Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was two days after Thanksgiving last week but preparations for a big gift were already in place way before the actual day. For a very long time I have wished for a window seat to be built in the bump-out front window of our living room. It is the perfect spot for sitting under a quilt on a cold day and reading a good book! Those dreams almost came true about six years ago when a good neighbor offered to build one for me. Alas, the money had to be spent on some other silly thing like new brakes for the car or some such nonsense!

Enter my handy son-in-law, Nick. He will tell you it was really because he wanted to use his brand-new circular saw, but I know that deep inside he really likes me! He announced to me about two weeks before my birthday that he was going to build a window seat for me as my gift. I was so thrilled! The little House on the Corner is on her way to her Craftsman style transformation. (Oh yes, I have big plans!) Here are a few photos of the process. See what you think!

 I thought he looked a bit uncomfortable, but really, he was having a great time!

Here is the seat all framed in.

I talked him into putting board and batten paneling on the front. 
It is my fondest wish to have it go all around the room. (Maybe next birthday?)

 He finished the paneling and put two lift-top doors in with piano hinges.Pretty nifty! My linen closet is heaving a big sigh in anticipation of my quilts going to live in the window seat!

He wouldn't even let me paint. He wanted to do it all by himself because it was my gift.

Here it is all finished. I love how the lighting was best for this picture. Kind of like a heavenly glow!

My mother bought the fabric for the cushions as her birthday gift to me. I am anxious to start sewing tomorrow!

It was so wonderful to have my mother here for nearly a month.
She is now basking in the warmth that is Arizona...sigh!
Monday is her 89th birthday so you Zonies down there had better treat her to lots of cake! (Does she look anywhere near 89? I think not!)

I love you Mom! Happy Birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to YOU and Grandma Helen. If you're birthday was two days after Thanksgiving, the way I figure it, that was the day I came to your house and I didn't know it was your birthday and so now I feel bad that I didn't wish you Happy Birthday! But anyway, Happy Late Birthday! I LOVE LOVE the window seat. How lucky for you to get a "handy" son-in-law...I didn't get one of those (in Brent) but man if you need to know what football game is being played where and at what time, or who the quarterback is and where he went to high school and how many touchdown passes he threw this year...Brent is your guy! Now that's handy, don't you think?? So, no window seat for me but I sure do LOVE my son-in-law, as I know you love yours. They all have unique qualities but my favorite is that Brent loves Kami and Kami loves Brent...Woo Hoo!!

Can't wait to see the window seat with the new cushions and be sure that someone takes a picture of you sitting there reading your favorite new book!!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

It is husband isn't very "handy"...but man is he HOT!
I LOVE the window seat...what a great addition to any room. Plus what a fabulous birthday gift!
Happy birthday to YOU...and to Grandma Helen.
Hope you both enjoyed your special day.

URFAVE5 said...

I hope your birthday was a good one. It looks like it was fabulous! You are lucky to have a handy son-in-law. I'm grateful for my handy husband. Your window seat looks wonderful. I'm excited to see it all finished with your new material.

Grandma Ellsworth doesn't look a day over 70-do you think? She looks terrific. We sure are enjoying her. She's a doll!

Love You,

Sarah Faria said...

Nick is so great! I think he likes you a little bit more then his circular saw . . . but maybe just a little! ;) It looks so great as it is right now and I can't wait to see it with the cushions!! Someday when we can settle down I hope we can have a window with a window seat, it's also been a dream of mine!