Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Yellowstone!

We are back from the wilderness! If you have never been to Yellowstone National Park, and I never had, you must go at least once. It is so beautiful and as untouched by man as it can be in a lot of areas. It was so wonderful to see the riverbanks and meadows unmarred by campgrounds and trails, trash and A.T.V. tracks.

 We are at  what was at one time the main entrance to the park just outside of Mammoth, Montana. Theodore Roosevelt dedicated it, so it is named the Roosevelt Gate.  
He is one of Dee's favorites, "The Great One" to be sure!


Bully, I say!

Richard and his cousin Conner by one of the hundreds of uprooted trees. Their roots are amazingly beautiful! They grow for awhile near the sulpher springs, then when they have absorbed enough of the silica they die.

We were so close to this elk we could have taken a few steps to touch her. Isn't she beautiful?

We saw this bald eagle on the way out of the park the first night. It gave me chills! Glorious!

We came upon this herd of bison the second morning. They were close to the road...or IN the road too. I could easily look out across that landscape and imagine it just as it was several hundred years ago.

Wildflowers were everywhere!

Conner, Richard, Bridger, & Dee looking out over the Yellowstone River. Yes, it's only a 1,000 foot drop. Lean over a bit more Bridger!

The Yellowstone River. Have I used the word "magnificent" yet?

Purple mountains' majesty. Sometimes there were no words.

I include this video so you can hear the unique sound of the buffalo. Just after Dee shot this video we high-tailed it for the safety of the car. The big bull kept coming and didn't sound too happy!

Next time...
Geysers and sulfur springs.
I hope you like the smell of rotten eggs!


Lori said...

Wow how beautiful indeed!! I have always wanted to go there. I will keep putting it on the top of the "vacation list" for sure. Also, I had no idea that Bison sound exactly like Doug snoring!

URFAVE5 said...

Those pictures look like they came right off of post cards. They are beautiful. Some friends in our ward have a cabin up there. They spend several weeks there in the summer. I can see why they do. It's gorgeous there!