Friday, July 22, 2011

Bloomin' Bloomfield!

Last week the kids and I took a seven hour trip to Uncle Dean & Aunt Renda's house in Bloomfield, New Mexico. Bloomfiled is a special place to us because it is where my parents retired to. We would visit every summer and the kids thought it was a heavenly place with Grandpa's big shady trees, orchard, and massive garden. You can play a lot of hide and seek amongst giant corn stalks and berry bushes.When my brother Dean retired he bought himself a little piece of heaven and is becoming that kind of grandpa himself! My mother and sister Gena came from Denver, Richard and Sherri came from Gilbert, AZ and we had a nice siblings reunion. Here are a few of the things we did to have fun.

 There are always plenty of cards and Farkle.
No card game would be complete without the M&Ms, an Ellsworth staple.

With so many people and limited bathroom space, one has to be resourceful in putting on make-up!

 Renda is the best grandma! She set up a Play Dough station in her kitchen. I wanted to play!

 Here's The Lone Ranger and Tonto! Wait, that kid's too white to be Tonto. That's actually Cousin Tom & Richard riding Tonka and Pepper.

Sweet Emily on Tonka.

Emily also brought along a croquet game which the cousins took advantage of. They are pretty good!
Here is Brigham taking a swing.
 Rachel shows her stuff.

 May I say...the next generation of Ellsworth men are mighty handsome!  This is Cody. He had just gotten back from football camp in Showlow. He's a Mesa High Jackrabbit but I won't hold that against him!

The good looking guy on the right is Ben. I love this kid's personality! He's so much fun!
Here is Abbie getting ready to blast Ben's ball out of the wicket.

 Look at the view in that last photo. It is so lovely out there where Dean has his home. The kids had a great time and...I am out of time today. I have more pictures to share and a funny story about a girl and a horse. Catch you later!


URFAVE5 said...

It sounded like it was busy and lots of fun. I'm glad that you all got to get together and have a little reunion!

Melart said...

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