Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lots of Family Together Time

We have had a jam-packed, busy week! It began last Monday at the Orem City Cemetery where Dee's grand-parents are buried. They are in the veterans section.  "Pa" was the original Deward, a loving, kind man. "Ma" or Phebe was a spark of energy. She was so fun to be around!

 Pa loved Sarah, his first great-grandchild, so dearly. Ma stayed with us until Brittany was nearly two. I know they would love this gang and the kind, good kids they are!
I like to think they were looking down and smiling.

This grave marker is west of Ma and Pa. It is always decorated with cones from the nearby evergreen tree. Every year..without fail! The design has gotten progressively more fancy as the years have gone by. It's probably a few of the grandkids of this couple who come every year.

It was very cold! The sun lasted until we walked to the car. Then it started to rain.

I heard Richard utter the same thing I was thinking as he looked at this stone just east of Ma and Pa.
He said, "This one always breaks my heart". Amen.

We like to walk over to the Veteran's Memorial. I always feel a warm spirit there.
 We can never thank these brave men and women enough. Never!

Richard is kneeling by Ma's cross. Pa's is right in front of that one. Somehow, the cemetery got confused and counts Phebe as one of the veterans. We haven't corrected them. 
We like to think she is rather proud to be among them!
The views are so beautiful from up on the hill!
You can see Utah Lake and Saratoga Springs from up there.
The snow on Memorial Day speaks for our freezing spring weather.

I must back up a few days now...Brittany's and Diana's birthdays were on the 25th and the 27th. B wasn't feeling good on her day and would not pose for photos so here are my efforts on her behalf, confetti cupcakes and the banner I sewed for the birthday celebrations.

 Samwise is always happy to pose when cake is involved!

Here we have Diana with her blazing 24 candles!

Nick scored major hubby points by getting this gorgeous new handbag from Fossil.
I love both of these girls dearly! They have brought me so much joy. May their next year of life be full of happiness and good surprises!

I will have to post our adventures from today a few days from now. This is enough photos for one post. Stay tuned for Time Travel Tuesday and then for our adventures in amazing Santaquin, Utah!! Woo Hoo!


URFAVE5 said...

What a sweet post. I am sure that Pa and Ma were looking down with huge smiles! You have amazing children! Also a big happy birthday to your darling girls! You are such a sweet momma the way you decorate and celebrate their birthdays. I am sure they had great days and I wish them lots of happiness and good surprises too!

Love You All,

Sarah Faria said...

What a great way to spend Memorial Day! I think Ma belongs among those veterans, she sacrificed for her country too!

I love your banners!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Your Post brought tears to my eyes. I was thinking of your Daddy and wishing you could have visited his resting place too since I am so far away. I be;ieve Tom will take care of it. He has been so faithful to visit his grave. Maybe I should just plan to be in Mesa on Memorial Day each year. Today is our 71st wedding anniversary. I have thought of him all day and wishing he were here. Doesn't hurt to wish although I kmow how useless it is. Love you all there in Utah. Mom

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a wonderful celebration of life! How fun to be all together and visit those we love who have moved on! I love the cemetery...they all have such a wonderful spirit of peace!
Happy Birthday to the girlies!
Glad you are all happy and healthy. Love and miss you!

Nancy Face said...

These pictures are beautiful and touching.