Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am alive! Just thought you might want to know. I am starting to feel better and I can get around a do a few things now. I even wore make-up for the first time on Friday. The nurse at my doctor's office was surprised. She said, "You are only two weeks out from your surgery and look at you! You should see how most of the women come in here at two weeks." Believe me, that would have been preferable...sweats, messy hair, no's much less effort! I suppose I just have some pride (and I look really old with no make-up)!

In keeping with my feeling better physically, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! We even had our windows open yesterday. It was a glorious 70 degrees! Not today.

Springtime in the Rockies is schizophrenic! Multiple personalities designed to bewilder this Arizona girl's heart! At least it will all be melted off by afternoon.

I think I'll curl up under my quilt and go back into "rest and recover" mode.


URFAVE5 said...

Good heavens! Can't we compromise with your snow and our heat and have the perfect 70 degree weather for both of us. Goodness, goodness!

On a positive note, I am so happy to hear that you are doing better. I hope that you get that 70 degree weather back and that it puts a little pep back into your step and that you get back into the swing of things again soon.

Enjoy conference.

We love you!

Lori said...

See - I told you so. I knew you would have a speedy recovery (you are part Ellsworth). I never leave my house without makeup (not even to get the newspaper down the drive). Make up and brushing your teeth are sure guarantees to make you feel better. Take it easy. Looks like with your weather going crazy you really won't want to go outside, so curl up under your quilt and go to sleep.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What the SNOW?? You need to come to the STG...its gorgeous here!
I am glad you are feeling a little better and that you are up and about a bit. Take it easy...there will be plenty of time for chores that need to be and recover as long as you can.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the snow. It looks beautiful out your window but it's just too cold. This is the perfect time of year for a trip down south to St. George, I know you would recuperate fast here too.

Sarah Faria said...

Wow!! I have never been a fan of Utah's flip flop weather! You should probably come visit Michael and I in Texas!! The weather is great right now, windy sometimes, but great!

niki said...

thanks for your always kind words.

glad to hear you're doing well. hope you continue.

enjoy some hot chocolate for me!

Lianne Barr said...

I know I am coming into this a little after the fact. But I am glad to hear you are bouncing back! We really loved having Sarah here with us. She is such a wonderful person. I wish I could have her here with me all the time. My kids just loved her!!