Monday, March 7, 2011

I Am a Grandma!

Nick and Diana are proud parents...of a brand new baby bird! That's right. I have a grandbirdie! It's a girl and her name is Evie. She is the tiniest little parakeet I have personally met, a really real little baby bird!

 Here she is checking out Richard's ear. Any wax in there?

She is so pretty! See her turquoise colored back?

 While we were visiting, Diana had her try her first taste of apple. She took a little nibble, as you can see!

She quickly decided, however, that the apple slice make a better perch!
 At last report Evie was growing and becoming more confident. Her parents are now teaching her to speak in Italian and German. Tri-lingual? That's my little grandbird!

While we are on the subject of pets...
 Just look at that face! Mr. Samwise had his semi-annual trip to the vet last week. He weighed in at 15 pounds, down from nearly 19 last time! He must have been a bit chunky! I never noticed. 
The vet is always a trying time for Sam. He gets very nervous. He has to be muzzled, held down, and constantly be reassured that we are not trying to kill him! He was pronounced healthy and sound, and by the smile on his face you can see he was very happy to be done! 
I am so glad we don't have to do that very often!


Sarah Faria said...

Congratulations!! Haha!! What a cute little birdie!

Anonymous said...

Grand "children" come in all types and lucky for you, you got a cute, well behaved one. I'm sorry for poor little Samwise and his trip to the vet, it is scary to go to the doctor, I hate it myself. I'm glad this is over for him, at least for awhile and I'm glad he got a clean bill of health.

URFAVE5 said...

Well it sounds like congratulations are in order on your new grandbirdie. As for Samwise he sure is a cute dog. I very much sympathize with him and his vet visit. It's never been a favorite place to go at our house either.

Diana said...

That's my birdie... She's a smart one, sitting on apples and all...