Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~ on Thursday!

There's snow out there! In my last post you saw the video clip of
"Storm-ageddon" as our local news folk were calling it. It was a nasty little blizzard indeed. We received more snow last Sunday. The little house on the corner was looking like this...

Today we are enjoying beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the mid-40's. It's positively toasty!
I had to turn the heat off in the car, really.

For our time travel today I take you back to another big snow. The year was 1937. The place? Mesa, Arizona! When I was small I would look at this photo in my father's Mesa High School senior yearbook and wish that we could have snow in the desert again! I loved to listen to Dad tell about the principal trying to get all of the kids into the school. Yeah, wasn't happening! They stayed outside and played with the foreign, cold stuff until it melted away later that day. The kids called a "snow day" and I agree. It was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence to be celebrated!

What I love about this picture:
1. Look at those poor palm trees all covered in frosty-ness. They are beautiful!
2. The students are standing there, freezing their feet when they are obviously not used to such temperatures.
3. The snow is thoroughly trampled.  They wasted not an inch of it!
4. The photo shows "Old Main", the beautiful, original Mesa High School building  before the fire that   destroyed it. It was 1967, I think. I remember my mother putting us all in the car on that Sunday night and driving clear in from the dairy on North Recker as soon as she heard. She stood there with tears streaming down her face, as did the rest of the crowd. I was only about 9 years old but I remember the sadness that hung in the air. Dad didn't come with us. I don't think he wanted to see it.

Not to end on a down note...snow in Mesa!! Just imagine!


URFAVE5 said...

Brilynn couldn't believe that that snow really happened here. Then I had to remind her of the snow we got a couple of winters ago. It was seriously nothing but for us it was something. I mean at least it stuck to the ground for a moment. Anyway, I loved this post. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Lori said...

I'm so glad that someone had the sense about themselves to take pictures of this wonderful miracle, because seriously nobody would believe it. My Dad told me that at first it was kind of scary to see that white stuff on top of the palm trees and cactus, but that it didn't take long to be playing in it. I also remember how the "fire" was such a sad thing. I think we all smashed together in our stationwagon and drove as close as we could get to see the school burning. I remember how emotional it was for the days, months & years that followed. As I'm sitting here in my PJ's at 6:00 in the morning - freezing, I'm kind of glad there isn't snow outside ~ but maybe for just one day it would be kind of fun to repeat it. Just for one day.

Lianne Barr said...

Wow!! Snow in Arizona--I can't believe it, maybe one day we'll get some snow here in FL. Maybe . . .

I hope you feel better soon Marianne. It's always worse when you are sick and the house isn't settled. But your decorations will be wonderful when they are all up:) Take some awesome pictures of them!

Anonymous said...

The little house on the corner looks very festive to me. We missed the big snowstorm by just a few days since we had been up there from early to mid November. I just love the snow as long as I can stay inside and watch it from my window. When it comes to driving in that's a different story. There's nothing like a snowstorm for Christmas, so I hope you get one..a big one! Who knows, maybe Mesa will get one this year too.