Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Sassy. That's my Mom! I have always known my mother had a sassy, flirty side. Even her grandchildren will tell you they have seen her swing those hips and stroll across a room to get Grandpa's attention. He would say, "That girl sure can put her turtle in her girdle!"  As a child I remember her holding onto the shopping cart and dancing to the canned music as she walked along the grocery store aisles, making this sound, "CH ch-ch CH ch-ch-CH ...". As I got older I tried not to be embarrassed!

I was treated to a few photos I don't remember as I scanned them last week.

Here she is around 1941 in New Mexico putting on her sass for the lens. I love the tilt of her head and the hip thrown out. Look at those awesome pants and that cute polka-dot blouse! I also love the house behind her and those cool cars!                                                                                                 

 This one is by the San Juan river in Farmington, NM. It's 1941 again and she is fresh out of high school!   Isn't she adorable? Quite the cute pose!

And then we come to this one...taken in front of her mother's bungalow home on East 2nd St. in Mesa, AZ. What possessed her to show off her shapely leg? (I saw her do this more that once in my life!) It's a bit blurry so I asked her, "Mom, this IS you isn't it?".  She said, "That's really fuzzy. How can you be sure it's me?" I just looked at her said, "Come on Mom...REALLY?" she just laughed and said, "You're right!"
I love my mother!
I think I'll go call her.


Anonymous said...

These pics are priceless...sooo cute! I have some similar shots of my mom at about this same time, she would have been 99 next month. My mom was really cute and she knew it and she never hesitated showing off for the camera. I love it. These vintage black and whites are so fun to see, thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

She is a pistol - now you know where you get it from!!

URFAVE5 said...

Wow, look at her! Yep I am seeing where little Ella gets her sass from. I mean how could she not with a mom, Grandma Susan, and Grandma Helen. She was bound to get some sass. Too cute.

Thanks for sharing!