Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deer Creek Swim II

What did you do last Saturday?
See my previous post for more details of this race.

Alina Fong, Dee Loose, Jeorge Azevedo, Stephanie Azevedo.
Son-in-law Nick Mowes-center back.
Dee was in good company. Alina swam for Dee in high school and now swims at BYU. Jeorge came from Brazil to swim for BYU, swam for Dee while there, and now works in Salt Lake City.
His wife Stephanie is also from Brazil.

Diana gives Jeorge a smile before the race.
Each swimmer was required to have a boat lead them so they could stay on course.
Son-in-law Nick and our daughter Diana Mowes piloted Dee.
Thanks you two! He really needed you!

Here we see Dee finished with his 5K (3.2 miles) swim!
He finished in 1 hour 52 minutes! I am so proud of him!
My favorite part of this photo is the guy in flamingo hat behind Dee.
I want one!

Victor ceremony: 1st place, unknown guy, 2nd Matt Rameson (currently swims for Dee at HAST), 3rd Jeorge Azevedo (swam for Dee at BYU), 4th Sam Blackburn (currently swims for Dee at HAST), 5th unknown tall guy.
That's a great showing for Coach Dee!

I don't have photos of the women's winners but Alina Fong (HAST & BYU) was 1st, Katherine Woolsten (HAST) was 2nd! Both swim for Dee.

Not only does Dee swim well but he coaches some pretty great athletes!
Um...Jeorge after the race. I am guessing Stephanie bought this shirt for him.
No words needed!

                      Jeorge and Dee surveying the course they just swam. Glad it was them and not me!

Dee's pants are sagging. He has lost 24 pounds since he started training for Greece!
I need to hurry and lose some poundage or he will pass me by! (well, not anytime soon but...!)


Coach Dee said...

I love this last picture. i was standing there talking with Jorge and actually thinking that I would love to swim from one of Deer Creek to the other, but not when there are a lot of boaters as the wakes they create are HUGE. It was a fun event. Thanks Marianne for encouraging me.

Lori said...

So wonderfully awesome!! Dee you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Well I should say that this looks fun, but I would be lying. It just looks hard and NOT fun! But I sure do admire Dee for all his hard work and training, not to mention the 24 pounds! That's the most awesome part of all. Good Job Dee!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Good Job Uncle Dee! Wowza! What an accomplishment...and what a workout. One I must say I am NOT sad I missed! :)
Lookin good there DEE!
Sure love and miss you all!