Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Today is Brittany's birthday! How the years do fly by! For our time travel today I offer a selection of photos from Brittany's life. There are 100's of them that could show you her personality. She is caring and compassionate, wacky, bold, sassy, kind....
                                                                  ...and SMART!
Through much perseverance and determination Brittany graduated from Utah Valley University couple of weeks ago! Nothing vintage about this photo! She is currently dazzling!

Brittany Marie Loose on the day of her blessing in our church.
June 1983. The white lace dress was new then, but is vintage now! So are the hand made afghan and booties made by my mother. We shall not discus the ugly plaid sofa which was trendy at the time!

Here are vintage Marianne and Dee! They came in smaller packages back then!
1983? Stripey polos, pink and blue were all in style. We won't talk about the glasses, OK?

Brittany after a bath in 1985. She wanted to watch TV but was cold, hence, the hat!
Love that water bed!!

My silly girl with Sarah. Was she being an airplane?
Ugly 80's sofa again. Ruffles around the sleeve openings were very chic!

Sassy and hot! More ruffles!
Her friend is Kaylee Collinsworth whose yet-to-be-born brothers are now basketball stars
at Provo High and BYU!

Britt has always been a sunglasses girl. This happens to be a head band but if it works...!

Holy Ugly Carpet Bat girl! Save the world from green!

1995 holding "her baby" Richard. Love the pony tail scrunchi!

Sporting her John Lennon glasses. Sarah is actually our time travel object
modeling her bibs which were all the rage in 1995!

Family reunion time in 1996. Obviously denim was big. Cousin Annie, Sarah, cousins Amy, Macy, & Lyndsey show the trendy "What-EVER" sign from the hit move that year..."Clueless".
Britt was more into showing off Grandpa's birthday cake!

Here we are on New Year's Eve 1999, just hours from Y-2K !!!
The world may be near total chaos and horrors but we were on our way to a party!
Fleece vests, bobbed hair cuts, chokers (on Britt), and hair pins with butterflies (on Diana) were in.72 hour kits and stashes of cash were needed for the worldwide shut down of technology that was expected. What? No ATM's or computers?

I am glad we all survived!

We have been through a lot together and I hope the joy continues for a long, long time!


Abbie said...

Happy Birthday to Brittney! And I love that you commented on all the styles of the photos. My favorite part!

URFAVE5 said...

Happy Happy Birthday to a beautiful gal! Hey we have a guy in our ward that we want to set her up with. Blake is friends with his younger brother. They are a great family. Would she be interested? If so we gotta figure out how to get them to meet and go out. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Such a fun walk down Memory Lane (I'm pretty sure we had a couch like that one). Happy Birthday to Brittany, I love May birthdays (although mine's in June), I think May is the perfect time of the year to be born or to celebrate a birthday. I hope Brittany had a happy day.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Happy late birthday to you! You are nothing short of fabulous in my mind and I hope you had a great day! We love you!!


B*Marie said...

Thanks everyone! I have had an entire wonderful birthday WEEK! And yes, if he is cute, I am so in Arizona!

benedito carlos gama said...

I really liked the owner family PICTURES OF YOUR