Monday, May 17, 2010

Empty Nest

Our four lovely, blue Robin's eggs are gone. We suspect the culprits are starlings we have seen zooming around the yard. Richard was appalled. "You mean there are cannibal birds?!" It is true that starlings feed on the eggs of other species but more often they are known as "egg dumpers". They will take eggs from another bird's nest so that they can use the nest themselves. We found broken eggs on the street below our tree. Sad. My one gladness is that the nest is gone too. I believe two little girls I saw the other night checking the nest probalbly took it home. I am glad. Take that, Starlings!

There is an analogy for humans in there somewhere, I am sure. I am too tired to think of one!

And speaking of tired...have you ever had a non-functioning thyroid? Mine was about as low as one can get. This explains my extreme fatigue all winter long. I also feel vindicated over my huge weight gain. Since taking the thyroid medication I have lost 7 pounds! (in one week!!) My metabollism is up and running again and feel like a blast furnace most of the day! Is anyone else out there as hot as I am? My Sweetie thinks I am hot!


URFAVE5 said...

You are hot:) I'm so glad that you got your thyroid figured out. Hmmm...I don't think that is the reason for my ten pound weight gain over the last year. I think mine is over indulgence and that is ALL Brian's fault. It's because he works construction and then can eat ANYTHING he wants ANYTIME he wants and he forces me to eat with him. Yep it's all his fault. I hope he still thinks I'm HOT:) when I'm a two ton tilly. Oh well!

I'm so sorry about your little eggs and nest! Life is rough even for the little birdies.

Well Take Care-Love Ya,

Lori said...

Cannibal birds . . . yikes. I would like to know why I'm gaining weight. I'm reminded all the time that it's "my age". What the? I look around and I see women in their 50's who are thin. But they're not hot!