Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in 18 Photos!

(Please note that those of us without makeup steered clear of the camera!)

We have a kid dictated tradition that no child (grown or otherwise) may enter the living room before another. Since Sam has been in our family he has flatly told them "forget that!" He's first and finds the stocking Santa left him every year! The nose knows!!

Sarah brought us gifts from Italy and Scotland!

Nick & Diana brought us gifts from Germany! Here is a little "smoker". Can you see the incense smoke off to the side?

This lady's rolls "steam". It wouldn't show in photos and don't ask me why her rolls are green!

Nick and Diana arrive hauling Diana's new sewing machine!

My iHome (at last!) and a Scottie dog key chain, from Scotland of course!

Nick's soccer jersey.

If you know Rachel, you know she loves Marvel comics.
This Scottish find was too perfect for Sarah to pass up!
This gift brought tears to my future animator's eyes! Truly!

Richard reading a Japanese comic book...from back to front
because that is how it was printed, of course!

Sarah made an incredibly delicious Strata for breakfast and a new tradition was born! I died over the cheesey, spinach-y goodness! She did NOT spill hers all over the kitchen like Sarah-Jessica Parker did in the movie!

After breakfast Diana got to explore all of her new Bernina's features. She had a hard time keeping Nick out of her way! He wanted to play so badly!

Sam enjoyed his stocking goodies! He likes to bite his Greenines into smaller pieces and carries them around sucking on them like candy (can you see that he has one in his mouth?). What a funny guy!

Rachel wore her aviator goggles all day...a unique twist on the head band!

There were many games played...

...but Diana continued to sew all day!

One of Sarah's gifts was a little Playmobile Caesar! She wrote her Master's thesis about him so he was a delightful little surprise! In this photo we see that household members who shall remain nameless rendered unto Caesar that which was Caesar's. Unfortunately the big guy was also kidnapped and hung upside down by the fire place! There was a note left with the coins reading "Kiss my tax!". Ah, such is the state of the Roman Empire at present!

I topped off my day with my second piece of pumpkin pie. Hi pie, I love you so much I could eat you up! Oh wait! I did!

Tomorrow...chapter 2 of "Caesar's Torment". It is truly barbaric!


URFAVE5 said...

What a delightful Christmas! Thank you for all those pictures. I'm so glad that your family was all there with you!

Brilynn would be so jealous of that Nut Cracker from Germany. She collects Nut Crackers and loves them! Brilynn also got a sewing machine for Christmas, however, I do not sew. I did when I was in 7th grade for home ec. So hopefully, someone will take pitty on her and teach her! To bad we don't live closer!

I'm so glad you all had a Merry Christmas! We love you all!

Diana said...

Mom! I can't believe you put that gross pre-shower picture of me up here! But I love your review of Christmas!

Lianne Barr said...

What a fun day! I want that recipe that Sarah made!

Lori said...

Okay . . . I haven't been reading blogs to much because of all the Christmas activities at our house, but I loved sitting here today and catching up. First I want to say that I wish you were the house on my corner of the street. We could have so much fun if you were my neighbor. I would let you decorate my house, cook yummy meals for my family, sew amazing things for me and well, laugh and play some fun games together. Wouldn't that be fun? Ha! Seriously, living by you would be so fun ~ have you thought about moving to Arizona???

Lori said...

Also, if you ever get tired of Sam, I want him!