Sunday, September 27, 2009


No Memory Monday today. I am sorry there hasn't been one for a few weeks. It has been busy around here and some days I just need for things to slow down so I can even pull a memory out of my head!

It was a very busy week! We had a wonderful visit from my sweet mother and my vivacious sister. They brought with them Chris, the infamous Elder 'F', who recently returned from the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. He had not seen his brother in three years because their missions over-lapped. Since Michael is living here now we were blessed with the visit!

Here, in photos, are some of the events of the week. I suppose they do qualify as memories!Cooler weather means my roses are coming back! This is one of my favorites, a lavender beauty called "Moon Shadow". Look Mom! I grew it myself!

We have had road construction in the neighborhood. DUST everywhere! I wanted to enjoy the patio with Mom and Gena so I washed all of the furniture with the hose. I caught the "Sam-inator" enjoying a snooze in the sunshine that afternoon!

When Auntie 'G' arrived she helped Britt and Sarah Griener put the finishing touches on the magic mirror for Pumpkin Princess Play- land at Cornbelly's. Britt's a supervisor this year.

News of Grandma's arrival brought in relatives from the north! My sweet niece Annie packed up her babes in the mini van and drove 2 hours south from Green Valley, Wyoming so Trace, Jaxon, Kennadee, and baby Mason could visit with their Great Grandmother. She really is great too!
It was so much fun to see them all!

Richard came home from school Friday to find the house over-run with little cousins and his old Duplo blocks and Chevron cars! We haven't had toys all over the floor for about 9 years!!

After the little cousins left Sam was exhausterated...even the next day!!

My baby sis never ceases to gross me out with her choice of breakfast foods. I must have cereal or oatmeal. She, on the other hand, can eat what was for dinner the night before...cold...and embellished!

You know, sometimes the silliest things are really true. Mr. Portokalos in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" swore by Windex as a remedy for anything. I had five seriously hurting ant bites on my wrist from weeding three days earlier! I was desperate! I sprayed on the blule mist worked!!! It wasn't even brand-name and it took the sting right out. Try it...and moisturize afterward!

I love that we can be continents apart and talk to our Sarah. Not only that, we can see her too! Bless you Skype gods!! It's free! We visited for 2 hours and everyone got to talk until satisfied. We watched the sun set over Siena and saw the Tuscan moon rise outside of her window too. It was beautiful!

Here Sarah gets to talk to Sam and Richard while Nick puts the pins on his uniform shoulder.

Speaking of Nick...he's joined back up with R.O.T.C. and upon graduating from B.Y.U. in 2010 he will get his Master's degree while serving his country! He is demonstrating his best "Attention!" stance.

B.Y.U.'s R.O.T.C. patch.

Grandma is a sucker for guys in uniform!

So is someone else I know! These two have been married almost two years!! Unreal!

I cannot believe I posted this...but I love my sister! Here we are hugging this morning before she and the Colorado gang left for home. It's my fresh out of bed natural look. Blecch!

Here's the Returned Missionary hugging his mother. I am not sure why because they are going to spend all day in a car together!

Richard loves his Aunt Gena! He chased the car down the street waving good-bye! Until next time!


Diana said...

I love you all And I love those Faria people! We should all live closer together!

URFAVE5 said...

I really enjoyed all your pictures. It was so good to see everyone. I wish we lived closer and got to see more of you all! I think sometime at least in the next year that the Faria Gang and Grandma should come to visit you and then you should all go to St. George and we will meet you there. It would be so much fun!

Nancy Face said...

Your roses are beautiful! Goldfish pizza...EWWW! :P

Such happy pictures! I especially enjoyed seeing those in R.O.T.C. uniforms! :)