Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girl's Day Out * Old Stuff, New Stuff, & Hand Made Too!

Main Street in American Fork is old and quaint. There has been an effort in the last few years to keep it alive with unique businesses springing up. When we knew Gena, Allison, & Emily were coming we decided to show them some of our favorite spots.

First up was Tammi's Finders Keepers close to Main St. and 100 East. They sell many hand made items like clothing and quilts, along with refurbished furniture. I love to see how they can take an ugly old thing and give it a new life!

I think this bed set-up was my favorite.

Gena admiring (and figuring out how to make it herself) a pretty watch band!

The silver birdie was calling to me..."Take me home! You love me!"

The next stop was right next door at a consignment shop...Mona Lisa's.

Here's Diana communing with some of her favorite things...handbags!

Anybody want some colorful shoes??
There are plenty here!

Allison & Emily discuss the price of a vintage lacy dress.

I fell in love with this mirror but the tag said "Not for Sale".
How rude to put it out and play with my emotions!
I wonder if they negotiate?

Now Gena has been pulled into the handbag vortex!

Our last shop was Real Deals on Center St. just south of Main.
It is a fun-tastic little place full of amazing prices!

At their sidewalk sale I met a beautiful half-moon table that was half off. I hope it will be around for awhile because I may just invite it to my birthday party! I didn't think to snap a photo of it. Can't imagine why not...I took enough of everything else!

We wrapped up our day with Sonic drinks and an afternoon of visiting on my couch. That's just what I'd like to do with Gena all of the time...if only Denver weren't so far away!


Anonymous said...

This was so great, Marianne. Now I have a few shops to visit while I'm up north. I love that black and white bed too!! I can't wait to see all this stuff in person. Thanks for sharing!

Coach Dee said...

What no cars, fishing equipment or electronics? I am glad you had a great time with the gals. I love you my wonderful wife and I am glad that you could spend time with your sweet sister Gena.

URFAVE5 said...

That looked like such a fun day! I wish I was there enjoying all your shopping your doing and yummy food. My goodness! Those cookies look wonderful!!!

And seriously, you and Gena look SOOOOO young. I'm feeling very old looking at how young you ladies look.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

My heart is burning with jealousy!!! I am sitting here just dying to drive upthere and buy almost everything in these pictures...I LOVE that mirror!!
What a fun day...and what a fun bunch of women!

Brittany said...

I wish we could have had all you women who commented with us! Sorry Dad... although you made smelling candles so much more exciting!

Mom- I love how you appreciate the simple things and make a display a used shoes look so beautiful. I love you.

Marianne said...

Aww Britts...I love you to!

charlotte said...

I love the shoe display!!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow looks like some really fun stores.
fun fun fun