Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not Much Going On Here!

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes for Richard! He thinks you are all pretty nice! Other than my youngest child being 14 (sob!) not much else is going on around here. We broke out of the 60's and thunderstorms each day for a week only to have the 90's with thunderstorms looming! Yeesh! Humidity!

So, I was sitting in bed the other day...I have been doing that a lot lately. The sinus infection that wouldn't die finally did, only to be replaced by ear pressure, headaches, and dizziness. This has been an ongoing problem of mine. There is never an infection so my doctor thinks I need to see a specialist and possibly may have to have permanent ear a toddler gets only forever! I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it means I can stop seeing my world spin around!

...So, I was sitting in bed the other day and surfing the web on Dee's laptop (hanging ten and everything!) and I found an fun website. In my hunt for black and white toile plates to hang in my bathroom I ran across this site If you like color in certain combinations this is the site for you!

Do you like black and white?

Love this headboard. Hmm...I could make this myself!

Cute Stuff!

LOVE this!

Are you partial to the trendy chocolate and brown?

Fun layette set!

Don't you want to sink your toes into this?

Sharp looking bench.

Are pink and cocoa right up your alley?

I like argyle. I want this rug!

Sweet little burpy pads. Hmm...I could make these too!

Pretty storage!

If you are like me and you like magazines, the internet has become my new magazine! Decor By Color is a fun site to visit. They have many more color combos and lots of links to click on. They show everything from clothing to paper supplies to home decor. They'll even send you a daily Email with their newest discoveries. Give it a try!


URFAVE5 said...

Oh Aunt Marianne-I'm so sorry you haven't felt good. I wish that you could get over this junk. That is just awful!

I love this website cute fun stuff! When we re-did Brilynn's room and bathroom we did it in the light pink, dark pink stripes with black and white polka dots. In her bathroom that black and white polka dot stuff you showed is the exact accessories that she has in her bathroom minus the tooth brush holder. I just love it. Thanks for sharing a cute website. I hope you feel better!

Take Care-

URFAVE5 said...

Hi Aunt Marianne-No the boys weren't at Geronimo this year. I guess our ward only goes to Geronimo every other year. On the off year they do their own Scout Camp. It was up at Bear Canyon Lake. They said it was beautiful up there and the weather was beautiful.

Yes that is Craig's grandson. Small world isn't it? Rigin's name is kind of different but its prounounce "Rig" (like a righall truck) and "in". The boys and Brian and really enjoyed getting to know him and Blake and Rigin even have plans to get together again sometime soon. Kind of fun-huh?

About the horse. Bro. Lamoreaux has a ranch that he keeps his horses at and he also has room at his house as well. I'm pretty sure that if a boy had been drawn that wouldn't have been able to care for the horse he'd have let them keep the horse at his place. He is just a really good down to earth country kind guy. Fortunately for him someone that could care for the horse won the horse.

I hope your feeling and doing better!

Take Care-Love ya,