Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miss Congeniality?

Lone Peak High School's 2008-09 Teacher Awards are out
and your favorite Deward and mine, my Sweetie, was voted Most Sincere Teacher by the student body! As reported in the school newspaper, an anonymous student was quoted as saying, "He just cares about all of his students, and when he compliments or thanks you, he is so sincere about it".

When he told me last night I said, "Well, that's quite an honor! That's really nice!" (He compliments and thanks me all of the time and I know he means it!)

He replied, "yeah, but I'd rather be Most Outstanding Teacher."

Hmm...coveting top honors are we?
I asked him why.

"Because Most Outstanding Teacher gets a $200 prize from the P.T.A."

"Oh, really?" I asked. "What does Most Sincere Teacher get?"

He looked at me a gave me a cheesy grin.

Ahh...the adulation and appreciation you so richly deserve...who could ask for more?


Helen Ellsworth said...

Dee; I am so proud of you. I think it is a great honor to have students honor you that way. It speaks tons. It has been my experience that kids lean toward not liking their teachers. I have been privileged to be in your life for some years now, and have learned what a sweet sincere person you are. So I am not surprised. I love you lots. You have been so good to my daughter and my Grandkids. What more could a Mother-in-law ask for from her Son-in-law. Keep it up. Love to all the Loose's Mom

Sarah said...

Why didn't you tell me this when I spoke to you guys yesterday? I know Dad totally deserves this award! You should tell Britt to post about this on the Dee Loose for President Facebook group page!

Gena said...

Absolutely a well deserved award. If only every teacher were like Dee. In the long run Dee will have been responsible for many good, honest and intelligent former students peopling the world.
I loved your tribute to Sharon. Don't you love how dear those photos are every time we see them?
And I had NO idea that you were waiting on your good old JC Penney machine. I used that machine in college! It truly is a good friend that you need to take care of!

URFAVE5 said...

Well in my opinion any teacher that gets the "Most Sincere Award" should just automatically get the "Most Outstanding Award" also because everyone knows that students are not going to do learn until they know they are loved and accepted. So like I said in my opinion not only is he the "Most Sincere" he is also the "Most Outstanding".

I'm so proud of Uncle Dee. He is so awesome! We love him and think the world of him and all of the Loose Family.

Take Care-Love You,

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I don't know Uncle Dee too well but I sure can agree with this award...I felt it the first time I met him...and the WHOLE family for that matter...except Sara who I have yet to meet???
Congrats Dee that is OUTSTANDING! You are the teacher they will remember and think of years down the road!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said... sweet!

what a cute award. sounds like you have yourself a keeper!

Lori said...

What a great honor and more importantly to receive it because of what the students say. Wish there were more teachers like you!! And hello?? I think that sincerity deserves $omething $weet and $$$ $uper . . . .

Abbie said...

Ah! Tell him congrats from me! And also, I'd much rather be taught by a sincere teacher than an outstanding one. I think its an amazing award that he greatly deserves. :)

URFAVE5 said...

Aunt Marianne-You are one of the sweetest people I know! I highly doubt that you ever share garbabe with anyone!!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

What a Great Award for a Great Teacher! Congratulations to Dee! For heaven's there a Dee Loose for President Page somewhere? I'd vote for him! On my blog Marianne, I talked about our waitress at the Trellis Cafe who had been in my Star A class years ago...I think she might have gone to Lone Peak HS, her brother, Matt, did for sure. I wonder if Dee might know this family? They also have a daughter, Whitney, who is probably in HS now. They live in Highland. I haven't had a chance to talk to Melanie (Hammond) yet about our "Loose" connection, maybe I'll see her when I walk this morning. I did talk to her on Friday at BYU while attending her parents' class but it was just to say HI and let her know I was there. I hope someday I'll see you there but I don't think we're going again for a couple of years. Congrats to Dee again, it's such an honor to be loved by your students and if they didn't love him they wouldn't give him any kind of award at all!