Monday, March 16, 2009

Empty Bowls and Full Ones Too!

If you read this post a few weeks ago you know that St. Patrick's Day holds an entirely different meaning for me. It's not about little green Leprechauns and pinching. It's the anniversary of the day that Dee swept me off my feet and into the clouds. He took me from the realms of the Virgin Lip Club and into owing ice cream to all of my roommates! Did you know that's a tradition at BYU? If you get kissed by a guy for the first time (not just your first time, but the first time with said guy) then you owe your roommates ice cream. My choice for the payment of my debt?...minty green Mint chocolate chip of course! They gratefully gobbled it up along with a few neighbors who were as anxious for the kiss as I was. Life in a BYU ward is like living in a fish bowl!

I should have taken a picture of it but I didn't. These very same neighbor girls were not so subtle about getting ice cream at times! I remember one girl who lived next door. Her name was Julie Gurr and she was adorable! She had snagged the heart of my cute Home Teacher Steve Souter. The same guy who had talked me down from the guilt of accepting my first date with Dee. They were headed for true love but Steve was a bit slow in the demonstration of affection department, being a southern gentleman and all. Julie's roomies decided to take matters into their own hands. One night when Julie and Steve were out on a date the roommates set their plan in motion. When Steve walked Julie to her front door at the end of the evening they were greeted by the sight of five ice cream bowls with spoons all lined up in the front window! Steve took the hint and the rest is history! They were married in April and now reside in the Salt Lake Valley. Steve is a doctor and he & Julie are living their own version of happily ever after.

And how will the Looses be celebrating St. Paddy's Day? With Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and Kisses...naturally!


Abbie said...

For cute!! I didn't know about that BYU tradition... I know Coach Kevin did it with us girls - when we had our first kiss with a boy we owed him ice cream unless we could make it to 16. Unluckily for me... I made it to 16 (still mad about it to this day!) Happy St. Patrick's Day! - and first kiss anniversary!!

Cougarnana said...

What a cute story...I did not know about that tradition at BYU, probably because Jim and I were married by the time we got there. I loved all the empty ice cream bowls lined up in the window. Well it sounds like you will have a very fun celebration on St. Patty's Day!!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

how adorable!

what a fun st. patty's story!

what's that icecream next to the mint n' chip?...looks like raspberry sorbet. mmm...i want that.

URFAVE5 said...

I love all your sweet stories! I'm so glad that you share them! Enjoy your St. Paddy's Day and your ice cream and kisses:)
Love ya lots,

Lori said...

Well I must say that Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is better than green beer! I like your tradition much better.

Edwin & Tamara said...

Everythings good when there is ice cream involved :)
And to set it off toast it with green kool-aid :)